Beautiful Adidas Stan Smith Low-Top Men’s Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in this white variant, much easier to combine with clothes than double colors. The shoe is always the one with strengths and weaknesses. It goes with all clothes but is delicate, the uncut white will not last long if you use them. At first, they are said then they become a slipper. In the summer they are a bit hot for the feet, better in the mid-seasons.


  • Original Adidas product at a more than competitive price compared to physical stores. These walking shoes are always a guarantee of quality and comfort.
  • Good quality walking shoes same as those in the photos. Arrive at the right time. The measure is the standard one. The only small flaw does not come in the classic blue and white box of Adidas but a small white box for shoes.
  • Great price, very nice shoe I bought the green white stan smith and I must say that I am very satisfied with the product.
  • Excellent shoe, comfortable, and sturdy. Original product, with perfect packaging. Nothing to observe. I recommend always taking one size larger than what you usually wear as a classic shoe.
  • The shoes arrived on time. Originals in the Adidas box. The number fits right. I would say that I am very satisfied. I had been looking for them for a long time at this price.

Adidas Stan Smith Low-Top Men’s Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Excellent walking shoes for plantar fasciitis both for everyday use but also suitable for Saturday night! after a year of purchase used almost every day they are still in excellent condition, being in leather they are easy to clean

Gorgeous evergreen sneaker! I’ve liked them since I was 5 and finally, after almost 30, I bought them !!!

They are as comfortable as gloves and they look good with any outfit (sporty of course.) I took the 43 1/3 and usually wearing the 41-42 is the perfect number.

As always, on store you can find hyper-competitive prices that physical stores do not take it into their heads to apply: I paid just € 53.80 for them sold and shipped by store; and they are original. Keep in mind that since 2014, at least this model has been produced in China, not in Vietnam or Indonesia.

This more than a product review is meant to be a piece of advice, or rather two. Because there is no question about the beauty and quality of walking shoes, they are now so famous that it is difficult to add more information, what I can tell you is that the size corresponds to the one you usually wear, I, who wear a 43, took note of the 43 1 / 3 and they are fine.

But let’s get to the advice:

1) unfortunately, being a highly sought after model, it is subject to replicas and imitations, so the first advice to be sure of the originality of the product is to buy them if sold by store and not by third-party sellers unless they have a sufficient very positive feedback number. I know that even honest sellers can end up in the cauldron, but unfortunately, imitation is around the corner and it is good to protect us.

2) the second tip is to check the presence of shoes in store’s “flea market”, the famous store Warehouse, here you can usually find new shoes that have problems with packaging or other minor problems, conditions are shown in the description, but you can find them at a much lower price. I got them from here, if you are lucky to find the right size you can get a good deal, mine for example did not have the original box because it was lost or damaged, but the walking shoes were new and perfect.

I decided to buy Stan Smith on store as the price was about half of what in the store.

However, I was perplexed that it could be a fake product due to the low price.

Following a meticulous and in-depth comparison with another pair purchased in the Adidas store, I can confirm that the product is original and perfectly compliant.

Satisfied with the considerable savings and the always impeccable store service.

The Stan Smith are an icon, either they love or hate each other, I had them total black, and this time I opted for the total white, proposals with a considerable discount compared to the price list.

I chose the size 42 2/3 like the Adidas Samba and the Adidas Gazelle and the fit matches, so it is not necessary to buy a larger or smaller number for those who own the aforementioned models.

Shoes arrived in their original box with tags applied, everything perfect.

Completely satisfied.

Original walking shoes. There are several details to analyze (there are several guides on the internet), the shoes are certainly original.

– Original Adidas box – original


– serial number of walking shoes and box match

– perfect stitching

– Adidas and TM lettering in relief

– no defects on the rear colored triangle

– internal metal circles

– tight and well-made strings

In short: original. Great!

The shoe in the store was more than 100 find it perfectly original on store for just under 70 € is the real deal

without talking shipment: come with original box Adidas and labeled compared Adidas with an outlet shop there are no differences

Council strongly

The product does not need any presentation, it is one of the best-selling sneaker models ever. It fits with any kind of clothing, they are very comfortable and beautiful. Super recommended! The price on store is unbeatable!

Purchased for my son, they arrived about 4 days after the order.

Protected by a simple plastic bag, however, they have not reported any damage.

Authentic walking shoes, they had the tags and internal padding typical of new shoes.

Excellent value for money.

after having had many Adidas walking shoes, I buy a pair of Stan Smith for the first time, the shoe is just to wear and enjoy it because it is beautiful, the only “defect” that is not suitable for hot spring/summer days because the foot tends to sweat a little …

The product conforms to the description, arrived even more than 10/15 days earlier than expected. Perfectly packed product. Sizes exactly corresponding to the classic Adidas. Buy for another person who is satisfied with the purchase, also because this model is difficult to find often in stores. Great store service!

I had bought the 42 1/3 but they were small. Returned, the next day I was half a size up and they are perfect. Beautiful, comfortable, at a price 20% lower than in the shop. What else to say? Great store, as always.

The product is an absolute confirmation of the shop image and original. Super fast shipping times and very satisfied with the purchase. Super recommended

True timeless classic produced by Adidas; arrive in the original packaging without any scratches or signs of wear. New and with all the related tags present.

The product was delivered promptly. Perfect packaging. Comfortable casual / sports shoes that can be used anywhere. Record durability. I highly recommend for an “everyday” shoe. Perfect.

Well there would be nothing to say about the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, for those who already know them, but they are still very comfortable and the number I got fits the norm … excellent product I recommend

All perfect. Dispatched from and sold by store. Compared to the previous ones I had (purchased in a physical store) which were made in china, these are made in India. I didn’t notice any differences in the fit or quality of materials. Satisfied

I gave 4 stars because the model I bought before there was always white but reflective if hit by a light source and I hoped that these were too, but they are not. However, it remains a great product.

I state that my husband had tried them before in the shop at the price of € 95.00 so finding them at this price I could not take them! The delivery was delayed by a few days but not being in a hurry to receive them was not a problem.

Why Should I Buy Adidas Stan Smith Low-Top Men’s Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The shoe itself is very good it goes well with everything without problems. Fast and accurate shipping.

It is comfortable even if the sole is flat. The laces are precise pk unlike others that when you fasten them the lace has pendulums and will get dirty and damaged very quickly.

I had read several reviews about the problem of arriving without the original box and consequently the possibility that they were not. Mine is perfect. Arrive in the original box. Exactly how I wanted them.

Taken for my husband who was a bit hesitant he had to change his mind …: very comfortable, ideal in summer because they don’t keep too hot and Adidas guarantee …

I state that I was a bit skeptical about buying them since I had seen people in the receptions who had received counterfeit or damaged walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. Mine are perfect arrived in the classic Adidas blue box, they fit perfectly. I give 4 stars because I ordered the ones with the green tag but they arrived all white.

The original product in the original box, arrived intact and in a short time. The total white Stan Smiths are splendid. I bring 37 and I got a 38, perfect. Comfortable and soft.

What can you say that hasn’t already been said about these walking shoes that I started using as a kid? If a shoe has been in production for 45 years, there must be a reason, right? A timeless classic, comfortable, and resistant.

They are the legendary stan smith, what else should I add !? Very comfortable and lately back in fashion. Combinable with jumpsuits or jeans as well as more elegant dresses for a more jaunty look

walking shoes bought by my husband, have the right size, are original and, he says, very comfortable. Arrive very quickly. Recommended

The product I already knew. It is original. Comes perfectly packaged. Delivery times are more than respected (three days before the date communicated)

Original walking shoes for plantar fasciitis complete with box and Adidas tag. I took them for my son who wears a 42 foot and I took him 42 and 2/3. They fit him perfectly.