I must say that I was skeptical about buying a pair of Adidas Vs Pace Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis online, as you are never sure of the size and if they match the characteristics listed. Regarding this pair of Adidas, I was very satisfied as they are very beautiful and even if white they are easy to clean using only a damp cloth. The sizes match perfectly and these are fantastic, with a not so excessive price it makes a great impression. comfortable to wear all day as they are breathable and the foot does not sweat. I am satisfied with the purchase made and I recommend them.


  • Great product, very comfortable. I usually wear a 41, but I got a 42, they go very little to a little wide. The way they fit I think 41 would have been tight; 41.5 would have been perfect.
  • The classic and timeless Adidas Pace is perfect for those days of rain and the first cold ones because they hold enough water and with a pair of warm socks, you feel great. I use them, especially in the mid-seasons.
  • They are very simple walking shoes, made to cost little and, for less than 50 euros, they are not bad.
  • The shoe is nice (more than you can see in the photo) and you can see that the quality, as always with the Adidas brands, is there.
  • walking shoes for men to buy for my brother for a special event fit very well high quality they are comfortable very elegant even they are a formal dress arrived earlier than the expected date no problem

Adidas Vs Pace Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

They weigh little and are thin, the construction is relatively accurate and in several places they have a fabric similar to that of a racing short, it’s not bad. I always carry the 45 and here I took the 45-1 / 3, which corresponds.

the toe is a little narrow laterally, around the sole, but I think they will give way.

The sole is flexible, flat, and not very cushioned, they are not running shoes, but they seem comfortable for walking.

The order arrived earlier than expected, for me as a wheelchair user, the walking shoes are very nice.

Usually, my size is 44 but being made in Vietnam I had to get 44 2/3, perfect, I recommend them

It fits well (no need to exaggerate with the size, it’s Adidas Neo) but if you are thinking of using it for long walks, no no and no: it hurt my toes, under the heel and a little to the soles.

Wear it calmly, it is comfortable, but if you want to take a trip to the city center, avoid it (I did a 20 km in one day and they destroyed me, when I took them off I was crying with joy).

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Beautiful Adidas at a great price, the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are original and are good, I want to give you some advice on the size … use the table that the seller provides you by measuring the foot length in cm you will go back to the right size (I usually fit 45, taking the size chart as a reference I took a 46, it fits perfectly … the 45 would fit tight).


I bought this shoe because I needed a pair of waterproof walking shoes, in case of rain. I took two pairs because I like them aesthetically.


They are sold and shipped by store, so they arrived in a very short time. At first, I ordered only one pair, size 44, but I realized it had a “fin” effect, so I had to return it and then order others one size smaller (43), which fit perfectly!

Aesthetically they are very beautiful. Quite sober.


I must say they are very comfortable. Very useful for wearing them every day and covering non-kilometer stretches. However, I must say that they are not very breathable. If it’s hot enough or if you run, your foot tends to sweat a little. Nothing dramatic of course.


The white and blue are great! I am sufficiently satisfied with the purchase. Great product in the 35 Euro price range.

I chose the total white model to have neither written nor bands, so the shoe is completely white, pure color. Gorgeous. Slightly big, but not big enough to take a number less. The fit is just right and very comfortable. Synthetic leather, an excellent choice for me. In my opinion, they can be worn in any season, except when it rains very hard because the tongue is made of fabric and therefore the foot could get wet. Great buy.

Purchased for my brother, these are very good for him, as he said they are comfortable and certainly also beautiful to look at. A great purchase and a shoe we hope will be as durable as possible!

I hadn’t bought shoes from this brand for a long time and I forgot when they were well made! As for the shape they are in all similar to the others of the same series and also of other series. What distinguishes them is the fact that they are completely black, the shoe, the laces, the insole, and the sole, only black. The only white thing is the Adidas inscription inside the footbed which is not visible when worn. This particularity makes it a non-trivial shoe, sporty but at the same time elegant to wear on many occasions, from the evening out to the semi-formal business meeting or simply in everyday life. The fit is normal, I wear a 43, and this 43 and 1 third is comfortable for me. To be worn with not very short socks, otherwise, it will scrape your heel.

My children destroy walking shoes all the time and I am forced to always look for new and resistant shoes.

The Adidas VS Pace are aesthetically well maintained and the first impact is that of a “concrete” and lasting shoe.

Maybe they called them VS Pace because they will be able to give me a little peace by resisting for a long time at my children’s feet.

The Adidas of recent years (made in Vietnam) are not remotely comparable to those produced years ago, as far as I’m concerned the last pairs purchased had disappointed me as regards the durability (unglued after 2 months), so I was reluctant to try again while loving the brand. I must say that these walking shoes look well made, are comfortable, and fit perfectly, I wear 42 and fit perfect, I just have to wait to check their durability.

A good compromise between a walking shoe and a sneaker with a flat sole. I use it for love. Moreover, I have a rather wide sole and I must say that they do not tighten at all, on the whole, I am satisfied. They are also aesthetically pleasing and the Detail of having the black stripes on one side on one side the white stripes sells them originally.

There isn’t much to say about walking shoes for plantar fasciitis that shows up on its own. Excellent workmanship, color as in the photo, and perfect fit. Compared to the gazelles I had, this model has a more flattened toe but they are very comfortable and airy, they don’t stink (and my feet put a strain on any sports shoe) and are comfortable. Recommended

Arrived in full compliance with delivery times, we appreciate the product: the fit in line with the size on the tag and fabrics and the average quality of a classic Adidas product of the genre.

As per the description, I wear the 42, I took the 42.5 and they fit slightly larger so the measurements are exact. I prefer to keep them like this than to make the change etc. etc.

Comfortable, they fit perfectly, and already the first time they are worn it seems that they have been used for a lifetime.

In my case, I put custom insoles on it because they don’t have great arch support, but those who don’t have orthopedic problems won’t need this modification

The walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are excellent, of excellent quality, and comfortable. They fit very well and I have not encountered many problems wearing them. Only the sole while working in the restaurant I had some small problems with it being slightly slippery compared to other models worn

Good walking shoes to use in everyday life, do not think of walking 7 / 8km (so in your free time to take a long walk), better other types of shoes.

Whites get dirty very quickly, but there aren’t many alternatives and I don’t like all black.

Product as shown in the photo, delivery was not exactly fast for a Prime product, but still acceptable. Aesthetically beautiful shoes, comfortable and a little more original than the usual model of the same brand, the only flaw are not warm but not even cool from a summer day and dress a little larger than the average. Overall product seasoned

as the title suggests, excellent walking shoes. They make their perfect figure, so white with the matching stripes. Comfortable and perfect in size. I also paired them with an elegant dress and they go great. Casual or sporty shoes.

Why Should I Buy Adidas Vs Pace Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The walking shoes are very nice and quite comfortable, I added a gel insole under their original one, to have more support on the arch, compared to the other white Adidas I tried I find it better, because these, in particular, are walking shoes for plantar fasciitis more for walking than tennis.

The Adidas are comfortable to wear, beautiful to look at, and also sturdy. For the size, I had no problems maybe because I was already wearing Adidas I took the same size. For timely delivery as usual I would say.

the package arrived on the order of a few days.

the walking shoes are very nice and comfortable, they fit as expected (I have a 43 and 1/3 and I got a 43 and 1/3) and are very comfortable. aesthetics are more beautiful than photos, very bright colors.

I love Adidas, I already have other pairs, but when I saw the offer of these I didn’t hesitate to buy them.

I find them extremely comfortable and convenient to use every day, even for me who, working in a shop, have to stay up for several hours every day

I had read mixed reviews. After a month I can say that I was really happy to have bought them. They were not ruined even after a 4-day trip, where they were subjected to an average of 20,000 steps per day. Comfortable and cool.

The perfect aesthetics of the shoe the number I wear corresponds perfectly, I just have to try them on the street if they are comfortable and a little resistant to rain today 26 October I tried them on the street they are comfortable