This guide will help make it easy to choose 10 best plantar fasciitis insoles. Well, it’s safe to say, as you go through the process of alleviating the pain of plantar fasciitis, you also need some shoe inserts which would help to support the arches and alleviate some of the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Inserts are customizable, discrete and some are totally affordable. So, what are the excellent plantar fasciitis insoles? We came up with ten of that thanks to our experts and research on reviews of customers online.

10 Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

1. Superfeet Green Length Insole Green

Superfeet Green Length Insole Green

When we talk about best plantar fasciitis, the supefeet green insoles would readily come to mind. It was designed to help alleviate the pain that relates to plantar fasciitis. They (Superfeet Green) are 2 inches high from the ground and 4 inches wide. They have this Biomechanical shape; basically, they help to control the gait that relates to overpronation. A stabilizer cap that helps bring the structure you need at the rear of the foot, this actually helps to stabilize the foam layer of the insoles. It also comes with an odor control coating that helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The price comes at the midrange, an affordable piece and it’s totally worth it.


  • Totally helps to relieve pain.
  • Comfortable for walking every day
  • This insole fits most footwear perfectly

  • Adapting takes time.

2. Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Checking out the features of this insole makes it more important for it to be on our list. It offers a range of support features down from your heel to the toe, and one primary factor the designers looked at when designing this insole was the comfortability of the user. The Powerstep insole comes with an Anti – Microbial Top layer that helps to keep feet from smelling and of course, sweating. This feature also helps to reduce friction that can irritate your feet. A medical Grade Support that stabilizes you and also offers consistent support. The multiple layers of foam and the deep heel cup adds an extra comfort to feet in pain.


  • It features an Anti – Microbial Top Layer
  • A deep heel cup
  • A semi-rigid Arch support
  • It supports all arch type
  • Medical – Grade support.

  • Breaks down easily.

3. Powerstep Orthotic Insoles

Powerstep Orthotic Insoles

The powerstep pinnacle is an insole made by a brand that is an expert in this field. Powerstep makes some of the most affordable insoles you can find in the market today. They come with a range of offerings for casual to dress, athletic to daily wear. One area that powerstep is paying attention to is how to help alleviate foot pain, the idea is to provide a very strong cradle for the heel support coupled with layering in several forms of arch support, all this is to make sure your foot is given the relief it deserves. The price of the Orthotic insole makes it one of the most affordable insoles on our list.


  • A simple design
  • Provides Heel cradle
  • A semi-rigid Arch support
  • It has a dual-layer cushion

  • It has a break in period which is something they need to work on.

4. Powerstep Pinnacle Length

Powerstep Pinnacle Length

It’s not shocking why we have another insole from the staple of Powerstep on our list. The Powerstep Pinnacle Length is an insole that helps to provide a firm and flexible arch support, this is due to the double layer and shock-absorbing cushion which is known to help supply that enhanced comfort. It gives a firm arch support for that foot stability and firmness. To make sure their insoles don’t create friction and heat, they added an antimicrobial top layer and a variable cushioning. What might want to scare you off is the price of the insole, but you need to realize that we are talking about the 10 best plantar fasciitis, so some will surely be expensive.


  • An EVA Foam Base
  • Offers Support and Cushioning
  • An Anti – Microbial Top layer
  • Shoe – to – shoe compatibility

  • Issues with the break-in period.

5. PROFOOT Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Support

PROFOOT Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Support

The Profoot is also worth mentioning, they come at an affordable price and an immediate relief from the pain of plantar fasciitis. These insoles are easy to equip every pair of shoes. They are available in multi-packs. It’s important to note that these insoles work efficiently when inserted in boots or in shoes that are known to have a high heel counter. The heel of the insert also adds a little bit of lift. They also work perfectly with boots that have a rigid, non-collapsible back for ankle support, an elevated heel, and a firm sole, all which will help reduce pressure.


  • They are available in packs
  • The Profoot Plantar offers immediate relief.
  • The regular use of this insole results in freedom from pain

  • They are not for “all” shoes.
  • The arch support needs some getting used to.

6. Orthotics Samurai Fasciitis Pronation

Orthotics Samurai Fasciitis Pronation

Another new entry on our list is the Samurai Insoles. The Orthotics are one insole that offers you quick relief from the pain you are going through. It alleviates pain from Plantar Fasciitis, heel supports, fallen arches thanks to its inner core and a low profile insert. It has a molded inner core shape to your feet, basically, this is a unique approach given to their arch support, now instead of adding a hard plastic or layered foam, their arch support is molded, it has an inner core that moves with your foot. One of their specialty is producing an insole that fits without needing to trim it down.


  • Fits perfectly
  • For Casual or Athletic Use.
  • Podiatrist-designed
  • Casual or Athletic use.
  • Inner core shapes to your foot.

  • It’s meant for flat feet only.

7. Physix – Gear Sports Orthotic Inserts

Physix – Gear Sports Orthotic Inserts

The Physix Gear sports orthotic insole can be worn by both men and women. They come in different sizes and fits perfectly in boots, shoes, sneakers, casual shoes and hiking boots too. These insoles are made from high-quality medical grade dual base layered high-performance EVA foam. It provides that deep heel cradle you need for stability, an anti-microbial top fabric and a low profile ultra-thin design which would ultimately improve physical activity. They are great for those who usually stand on their feet for hours. These inserts allow more room in the toe box for a more comfortable fit in any shoe.


  • It comes with a high-performance EVA foam.
  • They are lightweight
  • Ideal for all boots
  • Provide deep heel cradle for stability.

  • The Break in period needs to be worked on.

8. Sof Sole Men’s Size Orange

Sof Sole Men’s Size Orange

This is one insert designed specifically for runners and athletes just like the Sof Sole Airr. The entire sole is covered majorly by a wicking fabric to help keep your feet cool and dry, something that is pretty difficult to do with much other plantar fasciitis. It has a nylon plate that supports painful arches. Comes with a gel in the heel that disperses heel strike and relieves pain from heel spurs. The arch support is pretty soft and will make sure it keeps arches with a severe burn from collapsing. It has an extra cushioning which can also be worked on. The durability of this insole cannot be questioned.


  • Gives you that perfect cushioning
  • It is very durable

  • The Rigid arch support is missing
  • The thicker heel may mean they don’t fit for all shoes.

9. COREFIT Custom Moldable Shoe insert

COREFIT Custom Moldable Shoe insert

If what you are looking for is a customized stability and cushioning, an insole that will give your toes plenty of room to wiggle and move, then the Corefit Custom Moldable Shoe insert is what you want to go for. The 3/4 – length Corefit Orthotics are easily molded to adapt to the contours of your feet and stay perfectly firm. They are self-moldable inserts that are handcrafted exclusively by Corefit, it relieves the pain you experience in your lower back, the knee and foot pain, after purchasing it, you keep it in hot water and you are good to go. You don’t have to worry about size anymore.


  • Alleviate Heel spur pain
  • Distribute your weight evenly for the balance and comfort
  • It helps you lose weight with frequent use.

  • Relatively expensive.

10. Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics Plantar Fasciitis

While running, it’s no breaking news that your feet are usually subjected to the shock of the impact that is mostly 3 times your body weight especially when one is playing the sport. Dr. Scholl’s took it upon themselves to sort that out. They thought of a way to help relieve the pain experienced by an athlete including those who suffer from Knee or foot pain. So, you can easily say this insole was designed to help alleviate the shock up to 40% by helping to absorb the shock impact. Coupled with that, it comes with a triple zone protection technology functions well to lighten your arch and heel, making this suitable product to help with plantar fasciitis. It also helps to lighten your arch and heel.


  • Affordable compared to some other insoles
  • It is durable
  • It is the excellent seller on Amazon.

  • They may run tight in some shoes.

Buyer’s Guide

At this point you are wondering; how do I know for myself insoles that are good? Well, there are some criteria and conditions that you need to take note of when selecting your next insoles.


The Importance of comfort when talking about things that can help you alleviate pain can never be overemphasized. This cuts across all purchases whether shopping for clothes or shoes. We are talking about the insole of your shoe, you want to avoid getting injured because you’ve chosen the wrong insole, one that does not have any feature for comfort. Comfort is really important.

Arch support

Apart from comfort, another criterion you need to look out for is the arch support. Some people are known to have high arches, while others have low or flat arches. A lot of insoles add extra support to one’s arch, that’s why a lot of the options that are ideal for those with Plantar Fasciitis would be good for flat feet and overpronation too.

This criterion is one of the reasons why athletes go for these insoles, so, your insoles should have this too. It’s important you involve a medical professional when choosing one for your own condition. They should be able to support your arch and make sure your feet don’t flatten out.

Material used

What will really determine the level of support that you get at the end is the design and shape of the insole. But one should not forget the material used too, as this is also important. The type of material used is up to the manufacturer, what should be your own concern is the breathability and softness of the insole. Not to forget that the insole should also be semi-pliable and sturdy enough to ensure that it can withstand your own weight.


The final criterion we would share with you is the overall fit of the insole. This is an important factor when choosing your nest insole as this can determine if the pain will be alleviated or worsened. Sometimes, making use of the size chart can help in finding the perfect fit.