This guide will help make it easy to choose 10 best plantar fasciitis night splints. If your job requires you standing for hours, then maybe you understand what plantar fasciitis, you also should know that it is one of the worst ailments to have. As someone who is suffering from this ailment, life would be more comforting wearing a plantar fasciitis night splint right? Exactly, and that’s why we have put together 10 of the excellent plantar fasciitis night splints. After doing a qualitative research online, and reading people’s review too, I have shortlisted the top ten best plantar fasciitis night splints to buy right now and using the buyer’s guide we will also provide you with, you can get one that suits you perfectly.

10 Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

1. Mars Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Night Splint


Once you are able to get a swing at the right fit for you, then its safe to say you have found the right one, this is so because, one of the major problems of plantar fasciitis night splint is getting the one that fits properly, now that’s where the Mars Splints gets the praise. The ingenuity and craftsmanship say it all. Comfort wise, it ranks amongst the excellent for sure. The gentle stretch it provides will help alleviate your pain. To create that breathable core, your foot allowed to breathe. It has a Lycra covering that keeps your foot cool. Overall, the Mars orthopedic delivers both comfort and bulkiness (which could be good news or a bad one)


  • The Dual – tension straps are efficiently equipped
  • The aforementioned Lycra lining is cool against your skin
  • They are totally compatible

  • Some users have complained that the fit is either too close or just too tight.

2. Strictlystability Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


It can sometimes take time to get used to the remedy of sleeping, just like going to bed with your boots on, the difference is, you can actually take joy in knowing that the inner lining of the StrictlyStability night splint is breathable and it features foam padding with soft comfortable latex padding. It is offered in three different sizes, not to worry, you will be able to find the right size for your feet. There is a free foam flexion wedge included, this foam flexion enhances the amount of stretching your foot can achieve.

A little bit bulky, but that doesn’t bar it from been efficient. Its sizes run from small, medium to large, all of which are able to help any breathable boot.


  • The cushioning on this night splints adds to its level of comfort
  • Comes with a free foam flexion
  • It has an inner lining that is both washable and breathable too.

  • The night splint can be a bit difficult to sleep with no thanks to its bulkiness
  • The heels sometimes do not stay on properly.

3. Vive – Soft Medical Brace Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


No doubt, Vive has unarguably developed more than one great night splint, you can say this is just like the rest, but it’s not, unlike the rest it integrates more cushioning that one could ever fathom. It has a rigid shell that is padded with an ultra – soft cushioning, add that to the fact that the entire boot is designed with super soft foam. One would have thought that this night splint would easily generate heat due to the excessive amount of foam padding, but that seems not to be a big problem, thanks to the breathability of the foam, that seems not to be a problem. The Vive – soft night splints come with three adjustable straps, these straps are made of a strong material. This ultimately prevents your foot from sliding or twisting while it’s encapsulated in it.


  • It comes in four different sizes that you can choose from
  • Straps are designed with a strong fastener material
  • The splint features lots of padding and cushioning
  • It comes with 60 days unconditional guarantee

  • The Velcros’s durability is questionable
  • There is an unnecessary amount of length for the foot.

4. Vive – Hard Night Plantar Fasciitis Splint


The design can be stressful especially when trying to adjust the straps, the durability cannot be questioned. It doesn’t just come equipped with a just soft lining which by the way prevents blisters, abrasion and skin irritation but, it also comes with a comfortable padding that gives you comfort throughout.

There are over three adjustable straps, these straps are integrated into each-sized night splint (it also has an option for small, medium and large). On top of this, each individual strap has a buckle which helps to eliminate the thirst to want to adjust them every time/night.

When you talk of versatility, the dual tension straps add enough of that own its own, but once you account for both padded stretch wedges, it is enhanced further.


  • The Vive – Hard Night Splint is built with a hard-composite material.
  • It is backed by a 60-day unconditional guarantee
  • Comes with two padded stretch wedges.

  • The design of the Night Splint makes it tedious to adjust the straps and put it on.

5. Alphabrace Splint Medium – Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


At this point, you might think I’m starting to sound like a broken record, and that’s because the majority of this night splint comes with almost the same features. But when you look closely, there are still some little but important things that make these night splints unique in their own ways. So, what makes the Alpha race special. It could be the soft foam interior that allows your foot to breathe perfectly while its inside, or the way it was designed to position your foot in such a way that it achieves a gentle stretch for your Achilles tendon and plantar fascia.

Talk about the weight, it is limited, this could be because of the shape of the boot, that could make it tough to sleep with.


  • The boot features an adjustable flexion strap
  • It has an optimal amount of padding between the straps and your foot.
  • The interior foam allows for a better breathability.

  • Read of customers who have experienced longevity issues

6. Nice Stretch 90 Patented – Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


None of the aforementioned night splints offers total comfort as the Nice Stretch 90 does. Coupled with the integration of a gel pack that helps reduce the clamminess. Comfortability seems to be the major selling point of this boot, it is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable boots you can buy in the market now. It has an integrated gel pack that does the magic for the breathability. It controls the heat and helps maintain a cool foot.

Unlike some other night splint, finding the right size for your foot shouldn’t be a problem, this is because it comes in different sizes, it also has an adjustable Velcro strap that wraps the boot to your foot for a firm grip.


  • The boot features a non – skid tread that aids walking
  • It comes with a gel pack which helps reduce the amount of heat build-up
  • Nice Stretch 90 Patented is also effective for Achilles tendonitis, of course, plantar fasciitis and plantar flexion.

  • The padding wears out quickly (they don’t last)

7. United Plantar Medium – Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


Except for the problem it has with breathability, everything else works perfectly. The design is also 90% flawless, this boot makes you feel comfortable with your ailment thanks to its design. For comfort, the straps are padded to provide comfort right on top of your shin and ankle. To be objective, the breathability is nothing to write home about, with the fitting been zero. They tried to make up for this by making the boot lightweight help reduce the bulkiness.

The boot comes with a removable wedge and when you feel like increasing the stretch of your foot, you can actually leave the wedge inside or if you want, you can just take it out.


  • The boot can be adjusted from 10 degrees to about 90 degrees.
  • It has a removable liner that can be washed easily
  • It also comes with a removable wedge

  • Few consumers had issues with heat buildup (remember it’s not breathable)

8. Alpha Medical P.F. Plantar Fascitis Night Splint


The essence of wearing a night splint is to make sure your leg and foot are kept in place to make sure it is not overstretched, that way, your tendon, and muscles are loosened. I guess this was what Alpha Medical considered when they designed this night splint. It’s designed in such a way that it makes you stay at the right flex position while you sleep and it won’t let you stretch out the condition. This boot Alpha Medical P.F has a cover over the inner foam which is made of Lycra to help prevent your sweat from soaking into the padding.

Physicians also reviewed this book and recommend it as an alternative for patients who aren’t able to afford the other expensive ones.


  • It has a sizing guide
  • A cooling feature.
  • Passively stretches
  • It gives you the fast relief you need to alleviate that excruciating pain

  • It is bulky which makes it uncomfortable to sleep with at night

9. Flexibrace Adjustable Plantar Fasciitis Tendonitis Night Splint


One can clearly say this is isn’t as bulky as the rest. Flelxibrace was specifically designed to alleviate tendonitis and plantar fasciitis pain. This boot has a wedge that you can comfortably stick under your foot, to help with that added height you’ve been craving for and this is due to how extreme your plantar fasciitis is. You know your tendon can become so stretched out that you need that extra oomph for that extra comfort.  The padded liner is removable and washable. The padded liner gives you enough padding to keep you comfortable without choking and overheating your leg and foot too.


  • The Flexibrace adjustable is lightweight
  • It is very flexible
  • It can be easily maintained
  • Gives your foot that mild stretch.

  • The Flexibrace is too high for the leg

10. Adjustable Plantar – Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


Undoubtedly, this most impressive aspect of adjustable plantar is its lightweight design and the Dorsiflexion which can be adjusted off of 90 degrees. A soft lined interior which is very breathable, comfortable and easy to maintain (washable). It has straps which are padded for comfort across the dorsum of the ankle. An optional flexion is also included to give you that additional plantar stretch or as I will always say, give you that extra oomph.

The edges of the boot are designed to be absolutely soft and flexible, what this does it is it helps to maximize the comfort and pleasantry. Coupled with this, there is a cushion pad which delivers a very feasible amount of comfort that you foot deserves.


  • The straps are really breathable
  • It is lightweight
  • Padded straps for comfort across the dorsum of the ankle

  • Some complain they are unable to sleep with it

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the right night splint, there are certain things you need to consider, furthermore, there are certain things that we considered before coming up with this list and that’s what we are about to show you. The factors are.


Now, this was intentionally placed at the top for the fact that fitness is key when it comes to comfort. That is why when it comes to choosing a night splint, you need to know how well it fits. There are two things that affect the whether or not the night splint would fit perfectly, first would be the size options that are offered by the manufacturer of the splint. Basically, they come in normal sizes such as small, medium and large and account for both men and women. The second factor would be the adjustable straps, they are also important.  When it comes to the straps, it’s not how many they are but where they are placed.

The Versatility

Why else would you want to get a night splint for your plantar fasciitis if not to help alleviate the pain? You will be shocked how much versatility some night splint can and will offer you. In fact, some of them can be used to alleviate the conditions like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. There are some night splints that offers highly versatile devices. In addition to this, some splints do come with removable foam wedge and this can be added to adjust the desired stretching and dorsiflexion of your foot.


This is a very important decision that you need to make beforehand, even though we are yet to address this properly. When it comes to bulkiness, there is two main difference of bulkiness that it’s worth talking about, first would be dorsal night splints and a boot splint (sometimes referred to as a posterior splint). Now one of the cons of the boot night splints is how heavy they are. No matter the kind of design, it will always take time for you to adapt to. Meanwhile, for dorsal braces, they are not as heavy as boot braces. So, many people would prefer the dorsal braces, and that’s what you should go for.

Foam Padding

Wearing a clunky boot while seeping really doesn’t sound really comfy, and at the end might feel itchy and hot. So, one important aspect of this feature is that they can keep you comfortable while you sleep. There are boots out there that are made of different layers of fabric form of material, ow this type of material can trap heat in. that’s why you need a boot with padding made of foam. It gives you that support and adapts to your feet easily.

Maintenance Requirements

How well will you be able to maintain splints? The brace can become smelly and very dirty, so at some point, cleaning it would be needed, can it be cleaned. So, when buying your next splint, you should inquire if it would be easy to maintain.