I particularly liked these CMP Rigel, Men’s trekking Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, both for the style and the fit.

First of all, they are not too heavy, but still, have a good consistency and strength like any self-respecting hiking shoe.

The fit is very comfortable, but obviously, it must be supported by a pair of thick trekking socks.

The style is quite particular, certainly aimed at a younger audience and those who feel young inside.

I mark the imprint of the shoe, with the imprint of the blocks specially designed to ensure a perfect seal in all angles.

As for the size, I usually wear 47 for hiking and trainers. I took 47 and they fit perfectly.

The laces are of excellent workmanship.

Based on my experience of use, I recommend purchasing this product, which was delivered to me with Prime shipping on schedule.


  • Excellent value for money, they are still usable after a long time even if they have been used for “hard” jobs
  • Excellent quality, price ratio I use them daily for outdoor walks and the grip is good and the shoe is light and resistant.
  • Good fabrics, excellent workmanship, they fit perfectly and in walking they are very stable and give excellent grip so there is little to add .. after all, that’s how it is when it comes to a good product.
  • beautiful shoe, perfect grip on any terrain; it is not very suitable if it is cold and you move little, it does not retain heat, and also it stiffens making it a little annoying. The sole is a bit tight (at least for my foot!) All in all a good buy
  • The walking shoes also fit perfectly with my wide foot. Excellent for walking in the woods and on steep slopes even with slippery surfaces. Beautiful aesthetics and very good quality/price ratio.

CMP Rigel, Men’s trekking Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Great article. Comfortable and resistant walking shoes for plantar fasciitis perfect for summer and mid-season trekking … until now they fully reflect my expectations.

The walking shoes arrived respecting the forecast.

They have been used with satisfaction for some mountain walks. The quality looks good and the walking shoes are comfortable.

The store price is not particularly advantageous as it is the same offered by a store in the mountains.

I recommend this product at a lower price.

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Well made walking shoes, discreet finishes, and very attractive colors. I have a 41 and taking my number, they fit perfectly, comfortable, and light.

I use them every day to go to work, they are comfortable, breathable, and have a nice sole that makes a good grip.

They are well made, the seams look very good, assuming that I have been using them for almost 4 months.

Also used these days in the mountains, they perform very well even on beaten snow and not they are low so not suitable for deep snow.

The only negative thing is that they are not completely waterproof, or maybe they are for a short time after you have the impression that the water enters, so this needs improvement.

The size fits well, a little tight if you have any problems in the ankle area.

Highly recommended though!

A summer storm and the feet got wet. The top is not waterproof. I dipped my feet in 3-4 cm of water (classic mini stream found in the mountains) and stayed dry but a summer city storm made my feet wet (so I think the water gets in from above the foot). The walking shoes are stiff but fit large (I took them because they told me they were suitable for a wide plant). I recommend wearing them for several hours before using them for trails. At first, they fit tight and are very stiff. Aesthetically very good.

I am writing only now after having used them for more than 100 km between more or less demanding mountain trails. He took two identical pairs of which one for my wife and we are both having a great time: the shoe is sturdy but very comfortable at the same time, sufficiently breathable while I have not yet fully tested the waterproofness but in puddles, the foot remains dry. For just over 50 euros they are worth buying and I will probably take the tall model too. store always on time with delivery.

They do their job. They don’t transpire and I don’t even think they’re that much waterproof since after two hours of walking my sock was as wet as the outside of the boot, so much so that I saw sweat seep from the fabric with every step (it was sooooo hot). However, in this price range, I do not think it is better. The important thing is that they are comfortable and have a nice grip. For the moment I have tested them on about 40 kilometers with many stones (Monte Livata-SS. Trinità, Torre Paola-Picco di Circe, Anello del Circeo) and they are still new.

These shoes are great. Less known but very serious and Italian brand, they are sturdy walking shoes for trekking, I also use them in the city because they are excellent for plantar fasciitis. I add a gel insole but useful only for foot problems. Very competitive price and much lower than other popular brands. Suffice it to say that after overusing them for two years I bought another identical pair! But I still put a couple of two years too!

I used this model for challenging mountain walks and I assure you that they are excellent, comfortable from the first moment, and also very beautiful. I gave this shoe to the whole family and I bought a couple more.

Purchased as a birthday present and arrived earlier than expected, it seems to me to be well made. As a quality/price ratio we are there. I asked users about the fit and they advised me very well because it fits small! I took a number more than what he usually carries. Now all that remains is to test the duration!

Fantastic walking shoes, the size is perfect, at the first fit they seem tight but just keep them at home for a couple of hours and then you won’t hear them anymore. Light, comfortable, robust, excellent grip, and beautiful. It is used in spring/summer/autumn, for winter temperatures high and padded shoes are better. I don’t think we need to add anything else, fully satisfied.

the size fits right, especially comfortable because the insoles have the “silicone” part that makes them more comfortable and cushioned since the sole is rigid.

Try it in the city in the rain and they are excellent, I look forward to using them for some hiking

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Punctual delivery … with Poste Italiane, it is no small matter.

The walking shoes are beautiful and look better than they look in the pictures.

I can’t judge anything else because they are a gift.

…. Updates: My husband keeps telling me it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given him.

I bought this model for tg. 41, my tg. usual, but in this case, it was too small. Tested for two days done about 5 km, on the second day a small blister on the right heel. I bought the same model again but one size more (TG. 42). Try for a few days with long walks, the excellent light shoe fit. Delivery times as always excellent.

Extraordinary walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, to say the least, used 4 hours on wooded country paths and no foot fatigue.

Very comfortable and well made. The sole is also resistant to the dry scrubs of the cultivated fields.

I took the 44 1/2 on the 45 and it is perfect.

I did a trek of about 100 KM, in Menorca, with these new shoes. I must say they are exceptional. The “cararmato” is a sure grip to the ground. They are quite elastic and the foot has always been ready to restart the march. I am very satisfied.

They seem like a good product to me, the sole offers excellent grip, they are declared waterproof and breathable thanks to a particular membrane (probably similar to Goretex), they are made in china although the brand is Italian. Neither too heavy nor too light, good finish, nice design (but maybe this is subjective) and comfortable fit (I took a 41 and the size corresponds). In conclusion: for 53 euros I think they have nothing to envy to other more noble and expensive brands.

Well, this mountain shoe for hiking is simply perfect, its cost is very affordable and the performances are nothing but those necessary for their use: adequate grip, waterproofness, breathability, but above all a lightness that few offer!

I had taken them for myself, and after having tested them I took them back to give to friends, who accompany me to the mountains and everyone finds them excellent.

Why Should I Buy CMP Rigel, Men’s trekking Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Excellent value for money, resistant walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, tested with a 20km excursion. In the end, I had the galls under my feet but the shoe has little to do with it because it had been a long time since I did such a walk.

Exceptional product … I also tried a pair of Salomons in the shop but they were more uncomfortable, as well as more expensive! Reinforced toe, waterproof, a color that makes it a shoe also suitable for walking! Highly recommended …

Aesthetically very beautiful.

I was then amazed by the finish and comfort.

They fit right, very comfortable thanks to the memory foam insole, I have not yet tested the waterproofing.

Excellent value for money

I felt good comfortable walking shoes I took an extra nr and I did well I used them to walk all day and they didn’t give me any problems, maybe they make my foot sweat a little. The only sore point I had realized that they were made in Italy but there was a nice Made in China on top.

Not only beautiful but also comfortable on the feet. Although the bottom is designed for hiking, these walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are also pleasant to use in the city. I had tried similar products from other brands, but I always found them somewhat stiff and uncomfortable. They also perform well on dirt roads and in the mountains, even if for a real excursion I still recommend a boot that also protects the ankle. At the price proposed by store, it is difficult to find better.