As the title suggests, beautiful and comfortable Diadora Game L Low Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. After wearing them for a while, I can say that they are also durable. Flawless store delivery.


  • Beautiful and VERY COMFORTABLE walking shoes!
  • I took the white and blue, and actually, the color is that. I usually wear a 44 and got a 44.5.
  • Beautiful and soft. A great buy. I had ordered the wrong size but the seller replaced the product without any problems. Very serious seller
  • Very comfortable and practical walking shoes for every day. Excellent finishes. I recommend an extra number because they fit a little tight. I usually wear 37 but in this case, I feel good with the 38.
  • Good quality. It takes a few days to get the right shape. Being made of leather, they yield a few mm becoming more comfortable.
  • Original shoe and corresponds to those that cost at least 30% more in the store. Advise
  • Perfect. They are comfortable, you wear them with everything, of quality. I gave them to my boyfriend who also wears them for the office. I recommend the purchase, store as usual perfect.

Diadora Game L Low Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Very nice walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, the leather is great and the vintage look gives it an extra touch. Fast shipping and the shoes arrived in perfect condition.

Pay just over 40 euros, in the shop they cost 90. Having already had the high version I went without fail on the size, compared to other sneakers they fit perhaps a little tight.

The excellent product arrived in perfect condition but it is too small! In very narrow toes so I recommend taking one size up, in my case I went from 43 to 44.

Beautiful walking shoes

Perfect fit, consistent with the Diadora measurements, which fits slightly larger than your shoe size

Very fast shipping

As always, they arrived early with prime. They are very comfortable and well made !! The only flaw is that they are not exactly like in the picture; in the sense that it is not Ferrari red and beige (aged type) but very white and burgundy .. I had chosen them precisely for the bright red color but it is not that color! Patience I keep them anyway!

Price bomb compared to the store.

Perfect fit, on the other hand, I already had a couple at home

The product is original.

Identical to those in the store … but you save 30 with store!

The fact that they look “dirty” (as many write) is normal, it is the model that is.

They fit a bit small and are quite narrow at the tip.

beautiful shoe, it reminds me and it is identical to the one I had as a boy in the 80s, it fits perfectly I wear the 43 and it suits me perfectly, do not believe those who describe that the measurements are not precise. shop recommend it. store always precise and punctual

Nice shoe, maybe slightly narrower than my usual size (39) but overall a good quality product

Beautiful shoes arrived on time and are just as I expected them.

I use them often and they don’t present any problems. The size is perfect, I took 41.5 which is the number I normally wear for other types of walking shoes and it’s perfect!

Everything perfect, arrive on time, perfect. The only thing they told me in the shop is that they fit small so I recommend taking half an extra size. I did so and it arrived, perfect fit

I bought these walking shoes for my boyfriend, who usually wears a 42, but I had to return them and buy them again with 1/2 size more because they fit a little small and is made of hard material, they do not stretch.

With the extra half number, however, they are perfect.

I went to the Diadora factory outlet to buy this model, and in line to pay I realized that the same model here on store cost 12 euros less.

I put away the shoes and placed the order which arrived comfortably the following day.

Beautiful walking shoes with a worn effect, cream color with light gray streaks that give a nice effect. The jeans are in perfect condition, they fit right.

Very comfortable and soft walking shoes. To be used at low temperatures otherwise, the foot will cook!

They dress small, luckily I have thin feet and therefore they fit me the same, but still, they are slightly small.

The product corresponds exactly to the one in the photo, the only drawback is the box which arrived slightly dented but did not affect the footwear.

As the title suggests, the fit is typically Italian, I generally wear 43 (Nike, Adidas, etc) but with these, I chose the 42 and it fits me perfectly.

The shipment respected the right times, as regards the shoes, I had tried them in the store and then ordered on store, I am very satisfied, the shoes are very comfortable and the size fits perfectly.

beautiful walking shoes for plantar fasciitis as in the shop-bought at a top price!

Received in less than a week.

They are comfortable and aesthetically exactly as in the photo.

I wear the 37/38, I bought the 38 because they fit little (try it in the store first) and are perfect.

The shoe is perfect. The number fits little so half a number more should be taken. Very comfortable and trendy. I often take them with pleasure. Flawless shipping as always store.

Beautiful and very comfortable, they fit little perhaps because they are a bit tapered.

Excellent assistance, I had taken too small a number and asked for a return, they replied immediately with maximum availability!

Excellent purchase in every sense

I review the product after a few months of use.

The shoe is comfortable, fits perfectly, and has not deformed at all after months of use. The skin remained intact. Excellent value for money.

as already mentioned above the shoe is perfect, the packaging was right and well made for the content even if not too fragile, store a guarantee in everything even in punctual delivery the next day !!

Perfect walking shoes and timeless vintage style. As recommended by other users, I took a half size larger, the fit is tighter at the tip.

after buying them for me, I bought the shoes for a friend: he was a super satisfied, very good product

Why Should I Buy Diadora Game L Low Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

All corresponding to the description. Comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis made with quality materials. The fit is similar to that of the Converse OneStar. Delivery on schedule.

I bought this pair of walking shoes for my boyfriend and he was really happy with the quality of the product.

The shipping time has gone badly, as it has been delayed by three, four days despite being a prime product

The shoes are very nice, I took half a size more because from the various previous comments it was understood that the fit is not 100% regular.

The shoes are flat, the leather is of quality and the effect is not dirty like in the photos of the other online shops.

I ordered the walking shoes for a gift and I was afraid that it would not arrive in 2 days, but despite the short notice, the order arrived the same and in perfect condition, in the box, and with all tags. The birthday girl was happy with the gift. Recommended

Product delivered on time !!! Very nice and comfortable sneakers even if a little low. I recommend the purchase to people who want a sporty but at the same time elegant shoes to go out.

I find that they are suitable for walking shoes for plantar fasciitis for those with narrow feet above all, I’m finding myself very well and I like them very much! They are exactly as I imagined them!