I review this product after several weeks of use.

I am really satisfied with this product, the Diadora Game L Low Waxed, Flat Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis are nice and comfortable, their vintage look is incredibly cool and the “off white” perfectly meets my expectations.

Finally, the walking shoes are very comfortable and the foot feels good inside. The leather is of excellent quality and being waxed can be used safely in the rain.

Highly recommended


  • Exceptional, soft, no stink, no glue smears. Good value for money, attractive look with vintage effect. Something different from the usually emblazoned sneakers.
  • Perfect in the Waxed version, I prefer them to the classic white version, the number is what I usually wear with other models, a little stiff as soon as they are put on but they soften after a few uses. Compared to models like stan smith, as you can see from the photos, the tip is a bit narrower.
  • Comfortable sneakers, suitable for mid-seasons, easy to keep clean. I recommend buying a number larger than the size you usually wear and don’t listen to those who claim that they give way over time. The walking shoes for plantar fasciitis must fit right away, then it is obvious that they adapt to the foot, but they cannot be expected to increase by one size.

Diadora Game L Low Waxed, Flat Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Aesthetically very beautiful walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, very comfortable fit: at the beginning, they are a little hard but just walking one or two days and the excellent leather with which they are made tends to soften. The sizes are right at least as far as I’m concerned: I’m 43 and I got my number, perfect! They cost almost half as much as many shops and there are many colors available. Originals sold by store, highly recommended!

undecided between this and the non “WAXED” version with the rubber brown sole, I ordered them both for comparison, since they seem to be the most requested colors:

The walking shoe is well made and warm, so not really “summer”.

The quality of the leather (ivory not white) is the same for both (full-grain leather), but the “WAXED” is rougher to the touch and to the eye, where the grain is more marked.

Tightening it seems even harder, but when you wear this difference you don’t notice it, also because as mentioned, it is the same skin.

the color of the “mustache” changes, grass green for the “WAXED”, olive the other.

The fit is quite tight, so for those like me who have a wide plant I recommend taking half a size or at most one size more if you want to be comfortable immediately because a short walk is enough and the shoe already softens.

I, therefore, put 5 stars on trust, hoping they remain so.

in the end, I chose the other only for the aesthetic factor.

I usually wear size 44, but to be precise I would have a number between 43.5 and 44. I chose the 44.5 and they fit perfectly. I would therefore recommend calculating from half size up to one size more than your usual number. Walking shoes for plantar fasciitis is very beautiful and, after two weeks, I can certainly say that it is also very comfortable, light, and with the right flexibility. I will update the impressions on quality and durability.

To report the BAD service of Poste Italiane, which delivered the package on time to the chosen collection point, but interrupting the tracking update halfway, thus causing me to consider the package as lost and making me argue unnecessarily with store for days. Only my investigation at the collection point revealed that the package had been lying there for 4 or 5 days.

Very nice walking shoes, I wanted to buy them. You arrive in one day thanks to Prime. They are original and are very comfortable, I usually wear a 43 but I took the tight 44 and they fit me very well. To be on the safe side, I went to the store to try them on first (and they weren’t the “right” size) I tried on a 44 and it fits me perfectly. I am very happy I bought these shoes which were also on offer!

Among the most comfortable shoes, I own. I had to take half an extra size due to the toe of the shoe, which tends to tighten. Although the internal measurements conform to the standard of many walking shoes, the narrowing of the toe “eats” half a size, but it depends on the width of your sole I guess. Once the right size is found, the shoes give out in half a day and the leather becomes soft as a glove, it doesn’t even seem to have them on your feet.

Beautiful ‘vintage’ style tennis shoes in soft full-grain leather. I tried them the week before at the Diadora outlet and I can confirm that they are identical. I recommend taking the usual number, I find them perfect. You arrive right in the times stated at the time of order. Great as always store!

Unlike other products such as the Adidas Stan Smith, these are shoes of great quality as they are made of genuine leather and not plastic.

They are very biting and have a great fit a little tight so as not to make the foot too big.

I am about to buy a couple more because they are extremely comfortable.

Punctual and precise shipping, the shoe confirms the description in the photo.

Unlike some reviews, I had no problem with the tip as a glue. The creases after a while are natural being a leather shoe.

Like all Diadora I recommend an extra number, the plant is quite comfortable. The insole is suitable for long walks.

A very versatile walking shoe is suitable for various outfits.

Great price, half compared to physical stores

First of all kudos to store for assisting a problem created by me.

The shoes are nice, I wear the n.43 but I got these n.44. It was enough to search the internet for the methodology to identify the foot number based on its centimeters. They fit slightly tight at the sides, the foot has a normal sole, they will probably give way with use.

I do not put the 5th star just because they have not been tested over time and in case of water, but I like them very much and I have saved from the shop price more than 30 euros !!


Shoes are very beautiful but this is a subjective fact that also depends a lot on fashion. Regarding the fit, I preferred to take them half a size wider and I must say that I made the right choice. The product is of quality, the leather is soft and fits comfortably. It is a rather summer or spring walking shoe and compared to winter shoes it is thinner both in the sole and in the fit. In fact, at first, glance wearing them the foot seems thinner. Great product.

made well, not squat as it could be in the toe of the Adidas Stan Smith to be clear, of light and not very refined leather, the beautiful wrinkles of used leather do not form, they dress slightly tight but being soft they do not bother in a purely walking use …. made a little in bulk, the left a little swollen at the tip of the right, taken with a strong discount otherwise …

Very beautiful. I had the plastic version of the same color but they opened laterally after a short time. I took these for the leather material, but doubtful that they are the dirty version. Instead, they arrived and I must say I was delighted. Dirty almost completely absent and perfect number to my usual. Ultra recommended if you like the model. Superfast store.

Beautiful walking shoes paid much less than the store is recommended to make a secretive hit in the coming summer I still use it since this winter and I must say that I have not suffered from the cold as the material is extremely breathable leather. When they are used up I will try again to buy them new

Perfect delivery by store Prime. The shoes are really beautiful, even if they are not white but go towards the creamy white, at first they seem tight in reality shortly after they soften and fit perfectly. I’m wearing the 41 and didn’t need half an extra number.

Fashionable shoe made of genuine leather and therefore very soft. Quite a soft sole and excellent internal shoe finishes. I wear them unfastened and therefore I always take the right size, never abundant, but according to my point of view, Diadora is one of the few Italian companies that know how to interpret shoe sizes for Italian feet so w Diadora!

I was a little worried that the size was too big .. I also wear a 35 for some sneakers, the 36 fits perfectly. I thought they were also very dirty white, but they have a nice color. I am very satisfied with the purchase

Beautiful walking shoe at an unbeatable price … Difficult to find in the store and above all the price … The shoe is true to the description … The shoe is soft and very comfortable … Recommended purchase … normal shipping. Flawless store

Very comfortable and well-made sneakers. The leather is super soft, a real joy to wear. The fit is perfect for me (I have a thin and long foot). The only drawback, if we want to go looking for it, the sole is very flexible and seems to wear slippers: it does not support or cushion a lot. I have to say that I am very satisfied and applause goes to Diadora for also having 48 in its size grid (damn those who stop at 46 !!!!!)

Why Should I Buy Diadora Game L Low Waxed, Flat Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

I bought this pair of walking shoes at a discount of 57 euros and I can only be satisfied. The shoe fits well (I ordered a 40.5 despite having a 40) but I still have to say that tightening the laces a little solves everything. Shipping was fast and the package arrived intact, the shoes inside were perfect. There is nothing to say about the quality of the product, as in the shop, even better.

Excellent product fantastic walking shoes for plantar fasciitis slightly narrow at the tip, I recommend half a number more if you have a wide plant, then maybe they give up wearing them, perfect and accurate seller, 24h I received the package, quality as described, very good service. TOP!!!

The item arrived packed in its original box, the shoes are in excellent condition and everything is as ordered, super fast delivery (less than 24 hours). The only flaw is a lace shorter than the other, cmq satisfied with the purchase. Recommended