The Diadora Game L Low Waxed Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis are of excellent quality and everything matches the description. Buy at an advantageous price, I received them properly packaged and quickly with Prime shipping.
I recommend the purchase.


  • Very fast delivery and walking shoes conform to what is described, I like them very much and as a brand, I would say that it is a guarantee for other models as well
  • Diadora gives her fantastic shoes. I have used many brands (I do not mention names) but these are the millets as a form, comfort, and lightness.
  • Beautiful, sporty, and elegant, for what you can expect from a tennis-style shoe! Excellent for playing down a split as for a casual outing. They dress like Nikes.
  • Very beautiful, they are not white, but they are slightly yellowed, enough to give a more pleasant used effect. Otherwise very comfortable. Timely shipment
  • Very comfortable walking shoes, of excellent quality, in very soft leather. They wear, like all sneakers, a number more than traditional ones. Therefore, if a normally carries 44, it must take 45. store service as usual flawless.

Diadora Game L Low Waxed Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Given the previous reviews, I was hesitant but given the price I tried and I would say that overall the product is very good only defect like all that type of walking shoes for plantar fasciitis the sole is not very ergonomic but I would say satisfied

I got them for my son, they turned out to be a great buy. Beautiful vintage model, comfortable fit, just the number ordered (his usual).
Suitable for sporty clothing, but also more elegant. My son is very satisfied. Arrive the day after ordering them as usually happens thanks to prime !! Advise.

I bought them half a number more than my size, and at the first fit I doubted that they were still small, then, as other users have written, with use they “adapted” and within a week they became perfect.

I like them, sporty and elegant depending on the clothing. Italian, not at all ‘vulgar’ in style, low at the right point and fit like a marvel. Perfect price for the type of shoe.

An excellent historical shoe that evokes tennis of the past very elementary in the details but very sturdy real leather flat plant logo in the standard overall a good shoe

Perfect !!! Original and I had no doubts as they are sold by store. Real leather pays 53 euros instead of 90 as in shops. A real bargain. They are narrow at the tip so I recommend half a number more than usual. Beautiful walking shoes in soft leather. Super satisfied. One day lightning delivery.

Shoes as shown in the photos, arrived in their original box complete with tags, comfortable and very beautiful, they look well made and above all original. For now very satisfied … Also because in the shops they cost 30 euros more !!!

I have the 43 and I took the 44 because I had measured them in a shop and I was a little tight on the 43, and they weren’t there with a green mustache
I recommend for those who wear 43 to take the 44

Great product and to tell the truth all the recommended price, so with the 40% discount a bargain. Although thick for good quality leather they are comfortable and cool for the summer period. Bargain and originality.

I usually wear a 35.5, this shoe I had already bought last year taking the 36 and it fit very well. Having the narrow toe fits on a foot with a wide plant half a size less, so on me, it is great. I can say that it is a shoe that can be worn all year round, with casual chic and sporty outfits. Diadora the best!

I bought excellent walking shoes too high because they are beautiful … I wear a 42 but I recommend half a number more, in fact, I took a 42.5 .. delivered in advance

Very nice walking shoes for plantar fasciitis and nothing to envy to other well-known brands, quite the opposite. Authentic and quality leather, vintage type white color, but not cold white, after 20 days of use the shoe has settled and is perfect. Wanting to be picky I would just suggest buying a half size up.

Beyond the trend, these walking shoes give the right touch of sporty elegance to the look. Arrive a day early (only store can!). Taken the number 42.5: they fit perfectly, preferably with shoe savers, or “ghosts” in light cotton.

I had Adidas Stan Smith, size 41 1/3, I took a 41 to try on the Diadora and they are perfect, at first it is a little tight but it is good leather after a couple of times you wear them they take the shape of the foot.

Excellent shoe, very comfortable, and aesthetically beautiful! The skin softens after a few days of use and I think they are much better than their Adidas counterparts.

I wanted the shoe for a while but the price had held me back, 90 in the shop, anyway I had tried them and the saleswoman had warned me that the sole was slightly narrower than the other models, I took an extra point and they are fine, then at the price, I got them (54), perfect and very beautiful, they have an aged effect and are made of real leather.

As seen in the shop Very
Fit perfectly
No problem They
cost less than in the shop … So perfect

This is the first time I place an order for a pair of walking shoes, I was 100% satisfied. I first tried them in the store and then, comparing the prices, I bought it on store. Purchased on Friday evening and delivered on Tuesday morning. Great product I recommend

The shoe is beautiful and certainly never been used, the only drawback is the seams that on the left had some protruding threads and, inside towards the ankle, there was a piece of “plastic” in excess, but we are talking about absolutely insignificant details. I recommend it for the price.

I bought these shoes back because I had worn an identical pair. good to buy from store because compared to the store it sells them at almost half the price

Very nice well finished walking shoes.
Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.
They fit right, walking shoes but not trekking shoes, they go well with jeans and other types of trousers.
In my opinion, they are not good if you have to take long walks on rough terrain.

Very trendy products paid for half the price of the shop, they fit with the number you usually wear. They are not soft, maybe the skin will have to be modeled by wearing them cmq I would buy them again tomorrow!

To be exact and the 3rd pair of various colors that I buy in 1 year: the first pair nr. 44 almost perfect, the second nr. 44.5 narrow and almost importable, the 3rd nr. 45 2 boats!
I don’t know what it could depend on, but I love this model

I purposely took half a number more … excellent walking shoes reflect the seller’s description. Flawless as always shipping and delivery by store.

I love Diadora, they are comfortable and they dress very well. The number is exactly what I usually wear and the fit is perfect. I use them practically every day and the skin is still perfect after a few months of purchase

beautiful .. but I had to make them, they fit too tight to the sole .. I wanted to avoid using them over.
For those who can wear them, they have a nice tapered line and streamline the foot.
As correct length

The shoes are nice, only I had to change because they were small. I recommend taking at least one and a half more than your usual number.

Nice shoe, it fits very well, and above all, it is made of real leather. It tends to deform slightly, so even if it is a little tight at the beginning it will take shape in a short time. Unbeatable price!

The shoes arrived quickly. The conditions of the box are excellent with the receipt inside.
The product corresponds to the description and image proposed by the seller.
As for the size: for gymnastics, I normally wear 37.5. In this case, I bought a 37 and it is perfect.
Recommended for both convenience and aesthetics.

The shoes are an original, vintage cream color, the leather is very soft. I found them much more comfortable than other sneakers, like Adidas, suitable for those with normal or narrow soles. Aesthetics 5 *, comfort 4 * depends on how you are used to: I need a softer bottom and I have to put an insole over the insole, price 5 *.

The walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are perfect in themselves, this model fits a bit large so I suggest an extra size.
Original product, respected delivery times.

Fantastic model, color too (they are not perfectly white). The perfect fit, I took the same number that I take for the Nike or the converse. They are made of leather, so after almost a year of wearing them the leather on the toe has worn a bit, but I think it is normal since they are sneakers.

Very, very comfortable, of excellent quality, in very soft genuine leather. I happen to wear them, when the situation makes it possible, even with the dress without disfiguring, on the contrary.
They are my favorite walking shoes ever.

Why Should I Buy Diadora Game L Low Waxed Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Excellent product as described, the only defect in the tip was a sort of sticky polish that comuquye went away on first use

Great product as described .. the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis arrived one day in advance. the photo that appears in the orders is not that of the product that arrives, the walking shoes are flat as written in the description.

The shoe is original Diadora, the size ordered corresponds to the one delivered. Excellent leather, for the moment no defects to report

The shoes are very nice but this is a subjective fact. The product is of quality, the leather is soft and fits comfortably. Excellent product, the shipment also arrived 2 days earlier than expected

The product complies with expectations, fits a bit small, I had to change the pair ordered and take an extra number. Superfast return and delivery!