Excellent value for the money, very nice Diadora Game P, Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis model with some defects though; the toe is too tight even though new walking shoes are always tight at the beginning. Another defect is the Diadora writing on the inside of the walking shoes under the heel, after a week it has already canceled but for what I spent I think it is acceptable, delivery in record time.


  • I have always liked the classic “basic” models of low sneakers with the side logo, for their simplicity and comfort in putting on. This Diadora is no exception. great especially for the price
  • Diadora shoe without infamy and praise. Good value for money. At first glance, they seem like a plastic one, but for the season I have to spend there they are just fine. Size 44 fits perfectly.
  • Beautiful and comfortable! Very particular model, completely white with small holes on the toe and side that give a nice touch to the shoe’s design. There are no problems to report, low but comfortable sole: the fit is perfect, take the number you use for low sports walking shoes and you will have no problems! … the shipping was very fast, store always a guarantee!
  • Comfortable shoe, beautiful to the eye that lasted three months, but I can not say if it is the fault of the quality or more likely that my son has put it on fire !!!!!!!
  • Beautiful and the number I usually wear. They are just like in the photos. The materials look good and the whole thing looks well assembled. Great style and good workmanship.
  • Perfect! Arrive in 24 hours with prime. Very affordable price because they are reported as used / new, but they only had a slightly worn box. Originals with labels …. great buy.

Diadora Game P, Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

I find the products of this brand very good, the quality/price ratio is right and even if you spend a little more they certainly last over time and do not get damaged. Very comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis and I recommend them especially for daily use and do not bother. to the foot and in the walk. I would recommend everything based on my experience after a couple of months.

Diadora Game P, Men’s Sports Shoes

– cost € 39 (prime) as of May 27, 2019


The Diadora certainly needs no introduction… And with this “Game P” model, Diadora revisits, in a modern key, one of the historical models used in the past by tennis professionals, allowing you to bring an attractive look even off the court. sporty and timeless. Below you will find details about my first GOOD IMPRESSION about this product.



This spring-summer shoe, in general, gives a good feeling of strength and quality both in the materials and in their construction.

The aesthetics are also very accurate in the finishes and seams, no glue marks or smears are visible.

This model is characterized by essential lines and has several perforated details around the blue Diadora frieze.

The materials used for the realization of the shoe are the following:

– Outer material: SYNTHETIC, fairly soft but never uncomfortable.

– Lining: synthetic.

– inside: synthetic material of both the insole (then covered in fabric) which is not excessively soft but not uncomfortable … A light cushioning layer (Memory foam) would not have been bad.

– Sole material: Rubber, soft, and with good grip on indoor floors and also on damp or wet outdoor floors.

– Closure: with strings.



The fit of this shoe is normal.

As mentioned above, both the upper part and the insole are in synthetic material… Both are discreetly soft but never uncomfortable with prolonged use … A light cushioning layer on the footbed (Memory foam) would not have been bad.



The first qualitative impression on this product is good but for now, I cannot comment on durability. I’ll do it as soon as I have more details.



We are faced with an article of evident good general quality with some details that can be improved.

The 3.5-4 stars are deserved, they would have been 5 with a higher quality in the Materials of the internal and external parts now not in leather but plastic.


I hope my experience will be useful to you, at the next review, bye


The product arrived on time as described. Taken for my father, he usually fits 42 but says it was better to have taken 42.5. The sole that recalls the blue of the Diadora logo is very beautiful and also the pattern that is not smooth like all walking shoes. The only flaw, the insole does not adhere well to the bottom of the shoe, as if it were only attached to the edges! Later, after having used them for a while, I will be able to tell if this thing I noticed is causing any annoyance. For the rest, they are very beautiful and well done! Light and comfortable and great price

Excellent shoe. It is the second purchase I make because I broke them. We will confirm the previous review. Fast shipping. I saved about 6 € compared to the shop. These do not seem few to me. The walking shoes I had seen and tried on at a shop, Diadora generally They are walking shoes that fit slightly less or at least for me it is so since I also have other Diadora shoes and I always had to take a half size more in fact I wear the 42 but I had to take the 42.5 and they are perfect. Excellent product and comfortable. I recommend it.

I was surprised by the quality of the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis paid for 36 €. First of all, they are very nice, they fit right, I ordered the number I usually get, and they are a wild card. They can’t be compared to very expensive models of famous brands but I don’t have to do competitive sports. Timeless model, I recommend it

Excellent timing and professionalism also excellent delivery and packaging times. the shoe is a comfortable, beautiful, excellent choice but above all great price.

The only flaw is that it is a bit small, I wear a 37.5 and it fits me right 39. I recommend taking an extra number or going to try them first in a shop.

Nice walking shoes … good leather … nice model .. tight and tapered as I like it (not too wide pint)

They are a bit stiff especially the sole .. I put on them some insoles or gel or neoprene ( like that Footlocker) to be more comfortable …

The walking shoes are beautiful. I wear 43 and my sole is a little wide and unfortunately, they didn’t fit me very comfortably. So whoever doesn’t have the foot up be careful. This is why I decided to return them … But there is no question about the quality and beauty of the product.

Purchase for winter use as they have a fair amount of padding. I am resistant and I like them a lot. I’ve been using them for a while and they are tough. Being white they get slightly dirty. Consistent fit

arrived on time, packaged well, only thing if I had followed the table of measures in cm … I would have been wrong … thank goodness I took an extra half that it fits well and so far they have not been ruined see later .. the price it’s great!

I made a return at no cost so I was fully satisfied with the service and practically immediate refund, unfortunately, the toe fits tight but the shoe was beautiful and perfect

The product arrived on time as always purchased and the next day you arrive, perfect packaging and packaging.

Excellent shoe, super-discounted price, and therefore a great deal!

the contents of the package are perfect !!.



Excellent product if you look at the quality of the same and the selling price.

They are very elegant, in my opinion, they are fine if worn with summer clothing.

I took size 41.5 and I must say they fit perfectly. I tend to alternate the use of walking shoes enough so I think they will last me a lot.

In the beginning, they were just beautiful because they were hard and uncomfortable then after a few times I have worn them they have softened and now I think they are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Excellent product, arrived in record time but above all 100% faithful to the description of the article so much to order the second pair, obviously in a different color, as soon as I received the one ordered first. Kudos to the supplier 5 out of 5 feedback!

Arrived in record time (with prime) in the original box. I generally wear 44 and in fact, I was comfortable with this size. I put 4 stars instead of 5 because on the official store photos the walking shoes are cream / light beige, live they are white

Why Should I Buy Diadora Game P, Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Simple walking shoes for plantar fasciitis but to be used both as a sporty and as a casual every day. They fit right so don’t stick to the numbers. It wraps the foot a lot but it is not uncomfortable, on the contrary …

I bought them for just under 40 euros. I’ve used them 4-5 times so far so I can’t say how they hold up over time, but the product looks good to me, I like it. At that price than

very satisfied with the purchase, beautiful and comfortable, the price certainly affordable. Since I took them, I use them almost every day, I washed them in the washing machine and they have remained the same

Very nice shoe. True to the photos. The only thing is that it fits a number more and also, they are uncomfortable and hard the first few times they are worn

As in the picture, excellent product The number matches, I don’t think they are very resistant, so you have to pay a little attention to how they are treated …. otherwise perfect!

The package arrived 2 days earlier than expected, they were very fast.

The walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are gorgeous identical to the pictures, I got 40 and it’s perfect (it’s the number I wear for sneakers).