Product purchased regularly and arrived well ahead of schedule, without box but well protected and in excellent condition.!

The Fexkean Men Women Sports Trainers Sneakers Low Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis look very good, even if the materials are not the best, but finishes, color, excellent shock absorbers, make the ‘fit’ very comfortable and comfortable, you walk and corricchia without ‘shocks’ especially at the heels.!

Excellent quality/price ratio, difficult to find in other famous and expensive brands ..!

I hope I have been at least a little use for those “hesitant”

but. I can certainly say

thanks to the store and the seller, attentive and fast.!



  • The running shoes are beautiful, even more than the photo.
  • They fit perfectly and are very light. The package arrived earlier than expected, I can be satisfied with the purchase made.
  • The shoes are very nice and well made, quite soft under the sole and very soft under the heel where the air cushion cushions very well.
  • Very comfortable, light and do not sweat the feet even after long use of walking in the city. Recommended for everyone
  • Good product, really very nice and comfortable running shoes I used them for 12 consecutive hours in the workplace which takes place for the most part standing and they behave well, the only advice is to use a small insole to improve the stability of the foot but all in all the shoe is very comfortable. store Prime as always flawless in shipping
  • A comfortable and versatile shoe as described. I recommend the product for sports use, also aesthetically beautiful in black. The quality/price ratio turns out to be fantastic. Good store shipping.
  • Really good quality running shoes at a budget price. They are comfortable and the bearings cushion the stepwell.
  • Great buy. Beautiful color. Very comfortable. Soft. Enveloping. Not hard at all. They fit great and you wear them all day without making your foot sweat.

Fexkean Men Women Sports Trainers Sneakers Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

The product arrived well ahead of schedule, without box but well protected and in excellent condition.!

The running shoes for plantar fasciitis look very good, finishes, color, excellent shock absorbers, make the ‘fit’ very comfortable and comfortable, you walk and corricchia without ‘jolts’ especially at the heels.!

Excellent quality/price ratio, difficult to find in other famous and expensive brands.

SATISFIED, I can certainly say

thanks to the store and the seller, attentive and fast.!

They are so light and soft that it feels like you don’t have them on your feet.

I use them for walking and not for running so I don’t know how they would behave in this situation, but I still think it’s good.

In some reviews, someone complains about the smell of oil.

To be honest you can smell a bit of a stench but no more than running shoes from other more well-known and much more expensive brands, and in any case it is a smell that you can only smell if you almost put your nose on the shoe and that will disappear over time.

Note on wearability:

I wear the 41.5 and despite having bought the 42 unfortunately they are a bit tight.

Informed the seller who immediately sent me another pair # 43 at no cost.

They arrived today and are fine so I recommend buying them off an. more than normal (badly you can always put an insole …)

I got them on offer for only Euro 23.80 and considering the excellent quality/price ratio of the product and the exceptional customer service is a product that I recommend.

If I have problems with the duration of the product, I will update the review.

For now thanks Showeamalleu and the store.

Fexkean Men Women Sports Trainers Sneakers Running shoe Guide

Great buy, I recommend this type of running shoes.

I always have problems with any type of shoe because they tighten me or the insole is too stiff.

These, on the other hand, are perfect, they have a soft insole, I used them for riding a motorcycle, even when worn they are not hard and do not hurt.

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Well made shoes … very comfortable and arrive before the established times !!! thanks to the seller, very serious and professional !!!

I bought two pairs, one for me and one for my wife and I must say that the product fully respects the characteristics shown. For the moment they are sturdy and comfortable. For the cost it has there is no doubt that they are a good buy

I never imagined that these running shoes for plantar fasciitis given the price would be so comfortable. Nothing to envy to the most expensive and famous brands!

Great comfortable shoes. I am standing for 8/9 hours, it is as if I were walking barefoot. The only flaw is that behind the heel they are a bit wide. With a little higher material they would be perfect. For the rest they are fantastic

Punctual delivery.

Nice shoe, we will see the resistance, since on average I walk at least 8,000 steps a day.

Good grip on asphalt, the metal of the covers of both dry and wet manhole covers.

Adherence is just sufficient on marble.

Light, flexible, and well-cushioned heel

Updated on March 2, 2020:

As I wrote above, I walk a lot, about 8,000 steps/day but yesterday, rainy day, I had both feet soaked because of the sole split in half from the plant after 60 days of use.

How To Choose The Right Running Shoes

These running shoes for plantar fasciitis turned out to be very interesting indeed. Well finished and with quality materials. For those looking for a pair of sporty, elegant, and comfortable running shoes, these are the right model. Constructed with excellent materials, these shoes adhere very well to the foot, making them comfortable when walking or running. I like that the laces are not very long to give you discomfort and that during the shifting I do not feel discomfort at any point.

The product is splendid. It exceeded my expectations. The shoes are summer, light but sturdy, comfortable, suitable for both running and leisure. The colors faithfully respect the photos. The classic shoebox will not arrive but a plastic bag is closed by a zip. Great buy

The running shoes arrived earlier than expected, light and comfortable and trendy, I don’t even feel them on my feet.

Ideal for jogging, pilates, gym, etc., they are equipped with a comfortable raised footbed.

Good for the cost. I use it in the lane and therefore I mistreat my shoes a little: at least 12000 steps and 8-9km every turn. To date, after several months, the running shoes hold up! The sole has flattened slightly but I’m not a breadstick, weight 110kg. Overall they are soft.

The shoes are light and very comfortable. The cushion on the back cushions and makes walking very comfortable.

I took a number more than mine because I had read in the comments that fit a bit of measure. I’m a bit hail, but with an insole I solved it.

Delivery in a very short time.

What Do People Say About Running Shoes?

Very comfortable and beautiful shoes. Normally I wear half / 39 of sports running shoes and 38 of all the others. I also took the 38

for this. I didn’t take them to run, so I don’t know if they are functional or not in this case.

Guys what to say … Prefects, no more … I can only recommend them. Mine, unlike others whose comments I have read, had no smell except that type of new shoes.

The running shoes arrived on schedule, packaging intact. The number is right, as per description, that is, it respects the European fit. I ordered a 38 and they are perfect. Very comfortable and light as described. I am satisfied with the purchase and recommend it to everyone, both for sportsmen and for use in daily errands

I bought these running shoes to replace others to use to go to work. Well, what to say, comfortable, morbid, color as shown in photos, sizes as indicated, regular fit. I recommend it to people like me who don’t think about brands.

I use it daily. Lightweight, soft, and comfortable fit. It also happened to me in the rain, obviously not suitable for this purpose, but it kept my feet moderately dry.

I arrived after 20 days because they come from China but it’s worth it they are comfortable and elegant for all eras and events even if gymnastics take 1 or 2 more sizes you never know

Why Should I Buy Fexkean Men Women Sports Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoes

The product looks good to me at first sight and finished well … the one time I put them, are very light and comfortable

You arrive on time but without a box

I carry a 36/37, I took a 36 and is perfect

seems to be a Good purchase

The item arrived punctually packed in an envelope without a box. I was a bit skeptical but I had to change my mind they are very comfortable, I wear a 38 but I took a 39 and it’s big I solved with an insole and they are perfect.

I tried them for a month walking most of the times on asphalt doing an average of 6 to 10 km per day and I must say that they behave well, the running shoes for plantar fasciitis is comfortable and it is also aesthetically nice I don’t know how long it will take them to wear. be changed. I recommend them to anyone who takes quiet walks and walks at a moderate speed. To marathon runners, I honestly don’t know but I certainly don’t recommend them to runners, but simply because running is a separate thing and I think it’s right to look for more suitable models. However, regardless I recommend the purchase both for the price, aesthetics, and quality.


I was a bit skeptical, given their price, but I must say that the value for money is excellent, they are comfortable, light, and beautiful to look at, we hope they are also resistant.

The shoe is great. Light, comfortable, and solid. The only bad thing is that there is some lint coming out of the strings and a thread coming out of a seam. For the price, I recommend it anyway.

The running shoes are very comfortable and beautiful to look at. They are sporty but not suitable for running, as the materials of the sole are not excellent. At this price, they are just fine.