The Geox Man Symbol B, Oxford Laced Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis is made of leather and has an elegant cut. At the same time, they are very comfortable to wear because the sole is made of rubber-like normal tennis shoes. They are the right compromise as an office shoe to be used every day for those who walk a lot while moving to the workplace. I know my Geox number and I’m on the safe side. If it is the first Geox shoe you buy, I recommend that you take one size less (for example, if you wear 43, take 42).


  • The shoe is really good, excellent workmanship and at the same time sporty and elegant.
  • The materials are first-rate and the price is attractive.
  • The icing on the cake, as a good Geox product, its breathability.
  • The attached photos are after some uses.
  • Good product, the shoe is of excellent quality, comfortable, and elegant.
  • it arrived after two days at home I was surprised, I did not think it was so fast to send … I recommend it, go easy
  • Nice walking shoes and comfortable! Contrary to what someone wrote, they don’t fit big, but right! So the number you choose is correct, neither too big nor too small. The only thing I would have liked, to find what was present on another pair of Geox shoes in my possession, or the one in the photo … the doubt remains!

Geox Man Symbol B, Oxford Laced Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Despite being one of those elegant walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, I found it very comfortable and it fits perfectly. Kept a full day, it didn’t bother me at all and I came home with pretty rested feet. I don’t know if it’s due to the “Breathe” effect of the Geox, but as my first pair of shoes from this brand, I felt really good.

Attention to the size: I usually wear 46 / 46.5, but I took it 45. So, my advice is to take it one size smaller than your average.

They are nice quality leather walking shoes. Excellent shape and color. Length suited to the number. However, they dress tight, so they are not good for those with a wide sole. Around the ankles they are stiff, so they give a little discomfort. I’m used to shoes that are soft like samsonite (samsonite are soft like slippers) so I find the genomes a bit stiff, so I only give 4 stars to these walking shoes.

They are suitable for mid-season or a mild winter like this. As an insole, they are moderate, so not very cushioned. For the rest, the leather and the rubber of the sole are very good. They are perforated in the sole to ventilate the foot. Taken during black Friday, so excellent value for money. I recommend them if you do not suffer from the stiffness of the skin under the ankles and if you do not need a particularly soft insole. In these cases, prefer brands with very soft leathers. Excellent product but with the reliefs described above.

The shoes themselves are elegant and casual at the same time. When carrying and handling them, you get the impression that you have a great product in your hands (or rather feet). They look really tough. The external covering is entirely in leather. I’m wearing a 42.5. I ordered the same number and it fits perfectly. I am more than happy with the purchase. I got them for work but I think I will buy them back for daily use.

The product arrived the day after the order. The box was in perfect condition. The walking shoes are exactly as seen in the photos, the color corresponding to the image. The quality is what is expected from the Geox. I took these shoes as a birthday gift for my husband who wears 46, the shoes fit right, too bad there was no half size I would have taken it for greater comfort. Original item, I recommend it

Assuming that there is little to say about the Geox brand and that it is not easy to buy walking shoes on the internet without trying them on, I must say that it was a risky purchase for me (I trusted store and I did well!) But these shoes deserve 5 full stars. They are comfortable, I take them on foot for 5 days for work and 11 hours a day: light, they hug the footwell, relatively even warm given the temperatures these days, the foot breathes, therefore, stop bad odors and excessive sweating and lastly the foot it does not slip in the wet (try these rainy days) unless you skate in the wet, just be careful because if one runs on a wet slab it is obvious that one slips with 80 percent of the shoes. I would buy them back

As always, Geox is a guarantee. Leather shoes, flexible, very comfortable, and breathable. High-quality materials from every point of view: sole, arch support, laces. In case you have the soul a little wider I recommend taking an extra measure as the width is slightly less than the shoes of other brands (normally I wear the 42 in this case I took a 43)

it is a good shoe, usual and well produced. The material is of good quality, the seams a bit evident but is chosen. A leather shoe suitable for a day walking thanks to the Geox sole which is always well designed and offers good support. I don’t dwell on aesthetics, it is very subjective. Very long laces, they must be adjusted well to avoid the risk of having large bows that look like cockades. The price at which they are offered on store in some periods is worrying for how much we pay them during the rest of the year.

I am in charge of the front office in the hotel, so 1) I move a lot in the hotel 2) I stand a lot of time

So I needed a shoe 1) elegant but not for ceremony 2) comfortable, VERY COMFORTABLE.

I take this model from Geox, already on arrival, they are more elegant than they seem from the photo.

But the surprise is the fit: they are the most comfortable walking shoes I have tried since I work, I think that as long as they always do so, I will no longer buy the usual “classy” shoes which, however, are exaggerated on rigidity.

As soon as they were put on, the foot never suffered either on the sole or neck or sides.

I have used them every day for 5 months, it seems little and it is, but for my rhythms, I must say that they are doing great.

I recommend, unbeatable price (always under 80 € from what I see because I would like to take a couple of reserves) and maximum quality. My foot never sweats.

but .. honestly, since they also cost a lot of money, I thought they were the usual shoes but I have to change my mind. the leather, not true of course, is of excellent workmanship. at first, they were slightly hard on the top and behind the heel, but soon softened. excellent box with several sheets inside the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis to protect and keep them widened to the tip. and after two weeks of use, I recommend them to those who want to spend on genomes.

I love these walking shoes very much, comfortable and elegant at the same time. I can wear them both with a jacket and a sweater, with jeans or elegant trousers. They are breathable, they fit well, I find them very comfortable. I wear them often and even walking a lot I never find them uncomfortable.

They are a bit worn because I like to wear them, I’m sorry I didn’t take the photos before because you could see the quality of these shoes even better!

The shipment arrived on time the day after the order with its original box. The shoes are really beautiful, the quality leather and the seams made well, the inevitable sole that breathes by Geox. It is the third Geox model that unfortunately I take the second water entered from the sole, we hope this does not happen. I usually wear from 40.5 to 41 but for Geox, I always take 40 and it’s just as comfortable as a shoe should be.

I had bought a similar pair in 2013 and they lasted a long time. Size 42 is perfect for my foot which is a little bit wider 41 1/2. If I have to or find a fault… Maybe a little long… The 41 1/2 also has space between the big toe and the tip of the shoe. Anyway no problem elegant and recommended product

For years I have been buying Geox shoes, elegant, comfortable and of good quality, the soles perfectly cushion the repercussions on the spine. At these prices, you can’t ask for more.

I have to admit that quality can be seen and felt wearing them. They are really beautiful walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, elegant and sporty at the same time. I took my size 41, and they fit perfectly. The black color makes it a lot, internally they are comfortable and you feel the feeling of well-being. The characteristic Geox sole allows the foot to breathe much better than other shoes. Very fast delivery as always. They cost a little and taking advantage of Black Friday I was able to try this brand and see that it is a high-quality product, highly recommended.

an excellent shoe that I wear regularly, I always wear the same model and size. at the beginning on my foot, it tightens a little on the ankle but after a while, it is put on it acquires the right shape of both the ankle and the foot.

it would be advisable to slightly enlarge the insole

In the shop they were € 99.00 on store I took them as an offer at € 59.00 (size 40) a real bargain. Sporty but elegant shoe, the quality is there and it is perceived also, it is a Made in Italy product that never hurts. With the Geox patent always dry foot, I recommend buying and taking a number less than usual (they fit tight) !!

walking shoes arrive in no time. The purchase in my case was addressed for business use but they are also absolutely recommended for use in free time. Original and with considerable savings. Comfortable and well finished. I normally wear a 43 and I ordered the same number … perfect!

Purchased as an everyday winter shoe. The materials look good to me and it’s comfortable. At the moment I have not noticed any water infiltration problems as reported by others. Considering the price I think I made a good purchase. Advice.

Great product.

I wear a 48 / 48.5 and I chose the 47 because I know that this type of footwear fits a little larger. If there had been a 46.5 I would have chosen that.

They are very comfortable and I find them very elegant.

Why Should I Buy Geox Man Symbol B, Oxford Laced Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Excellent walking shoes for plantar fasciitis in beautiful Geox model and wonderful color only problem that the inner sole is not removable, for this problem that I hoped did not exist I have to return it reluctantly because I have to put my orthopedic insole and as mentioned on this model the internal insole is glued

I didn’t think they were so beautiful well made and light

Excellent walking shoes. Elegant but at the same time they also go well under jeans. Beautiful and at an incredible price.

I wear them as I write the reviews, excellent quality, comfortable, not heavy … ideal for work or where an elegant look can be needed but not too much … comfortable even when walking, but they are not walking shoes for long walks. The foot fits perfect like all other brands and does not sweat

Comfortable and elegant shoes. Well done, even in the finishes and seams. Good idea to make the tab under the laces in a synthetic but elastic material that makes it more comfortable to adapt to the instep.

The only drawback is that they are a bit stiff. I thought it was a problem in the early days but now I’ve been wearing them constantly for over a couple of weeks.

Generally great product. I recommend them for those who want a shoe both elegant (but without necessarily having a heel) and for sporting occasions.

Geox technology a guarantee