Very comfortable and versatile trekking LSGEGO Unisex Hiking Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. I often go to the mountains with my dog, we make paths, sometimes rocky, and my feet always hurt. Since I tried these walking shoes I have always used them, immediately feeling the difference. The foot is much less suffering. They are comfortable, they do not hurt at all even if they are new and after a few days they adapt very well to the foot. I took the gray and pink and they are very cute And above all very light and warm! I recommend you to take long walks in the mountains while I feel I do not recommend you to walk on the asphalt on the street, my feet have not very much appreciated.

Having the standard foot shape and they are perfect! I recommend consulting the table for those with hallux valgus or wide plant because there are measurements in cm and the number to be taken is recommended according to the type of foot. Good quality/price ratio


  • Excellent value for money. I took my number, the shoe fits well. It is quite comfortable. I am satisfied.
  • They fit their size. I haven’t put them on yet, but they seem soft to me. Cute color.
  • very comfortable, a little less roomy than expected so especial; ly if you have wide feet get a size up, in its class pretty.
  • They are very comfortable they are used for moving home to work or going shopping ex use they are just fine
  • comfortable to look like a pair of slippers !! a glove. perfect. arrive in the chosen color and on time. happy

LSGEGO Unisex Hiking Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

cheap walking shoes for plantar fasciitis taken for a walk in the woods to pick chestnuts or mushrooms. they seem very resistant. the sole and the fit are very soft and comfortable, after a few hours I had no pain in my feet or back. on damp boulders and logs, they have excellent grip.

The shoe used for climbing on the big stone, excellent grip on both gravel and rock, badly treated shoe but it resisted great, the only thing I had to use a double lock sock and it was a bit wide at the tip. Highly recommended.

Used at Christmas in the mountains to walk not in the snow but the afternoon in the city but on the roads with ice. They are not very heavy so a heavy sock should be worn in winter. They fit well wide so they don’t even hurt at the tip. They close very well with the laces that hold well. The thing that surprised me most given the relatively low price is that I have never slipped. Even frozen pieces hold the road very well. So well recommended. They are also very light to wear and not bulky

The package arrived on time in advance of the delivery data the walking shoes are comfortable as a shoe size I took a 42-foot length and 25 cm If you want to make a comparison to me, the shoe fits very well. The rubber of the sole and medium-hard has a good grip. I am satisfied with an excellent quality-price

The shoe is very nice and comfortable..too bad it’s big because I ordered a 44 but a 45 arrived … I have not returned because we will try to use it with an insole but it is a good product..nn still tested outside.

After trying them I can say that they are worth their price, the size corresponds to the desired one, the materials used are not poor but of quality. They will not be completely waterproof but we must consider that they are still cheap so I must say that I am satisfied.

The shoe is comfortable and practical for all needs. Excellent waterproofness, it keeps the foot warm and the material is consistent with the description shown in the object. Great for everyday wear. The only flaw in my opinion is that the rubber sole remains slippery in the wet in some types of outdoor floors.

It’s been more than a year since my purchase, so now I can do a more detailed review on how long the item lasts ….. and my considerations are more than positive. After washing and walking in inaccessible mountain terrain, the shoe maintains almost the same structural qualities of the purchase. The sole and the external materials are practically almost perfect …. the color has not lost its intensity and listen, listen, it still has the original laces. The only part where you can notice some wear is on the internal heel …. a consumption of the material but that does not create damage to the foot. So summing up my purchase is positive and therefore I recommend it, because the shoe is light, comfortable, with a modern and above all resistant design.

Great product. As soon as I bought it, I traveled more than 10 km in the mountains and I had no problems with my feet. I am delighted with this product. I have a 40-foot wide sole and the walking shoes are very comfortable.

I highly recommend them also for the excellent value for money.

Ordered 38.5 but arrived 39 but better this way because they fit small. I wear 38 so putting the heavy sock on 39 is better. A little too wide of the plant, I would have preferred more enveloping but the model will be just like that. On the whole acceptable.

Very comfortable and light even for long journeys.

Beautiful color.

You finish very well at an affordable price.

They do well in the mountains and beyond …

Very fast in delivery, exactly as in the photo, they are precise and very comfortable. I carry a 36/37 and I got the 37U. I have not yet tested them in trekking but to see them they seem quite robust and well finished.

walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are beautiful! Excellent quality and finishes. The only drawback: I hoped they were warmer, but just put on an extra pair of socks.

Excellent value for money and punctual delivery!

Very comfortable walking shoes. I got the 38 and it’s perfect. Recommended product for those who want comfortable hiking shoes at a very competitive price!

I haven’t used it yet but I bought it for a bit challenging walks. The fabric looks very good, waterproof, the shoe is comfortable

Comfortable, experience immediately. I took the 38 following the reviews recommending an extra number and I did well. With trekking socks they are perfect. Also nice to see and use in the city.

Excellent value for money, good but not excellent materials, for undemanding trails they do their duty

They are quite comfortable. For this price excellent. At the first walk in the wet field, I was left with my feet full of water. But otherwise, you don’t feel the cold

I wore them immediately …. fantastic comfortable soft excellent shoes … satisfied .. with store prime they arrived the next day

Great purchase, they fit well, are comfortable and resistant. Feet do not sweat and do not get stressed

Unfortunately, I was unable to evaluate the product as I had to return it due to size errors. However, evaluating the quality and the price, I could only give a favorable opinion. Yours sincerely.

Comfortable walking shoes the number corresponds to the size of the foot for walking are fine but not for real trekking in the mountains …

Why Should I Buy LSGEGO Unisex Hiking Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Very comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, I did not rate more because I ordered a 38.5 arrived a 39. I did not return them because I needed them
I have shoe size 42, but just to be safe I ordered size 43 and it was gold just right, they fit like a glove. walking shoes are often slightly smaller, so you prefer too large a number and perhaps thicker socks.
The workmanship is not high quality, but absolutely OK for the price. The option is pleasant, a little discreet and at the same time elegant. The outsole is comfortable for longer hikes, as it is designed quite tough, but still gives in to foot movement. I am satisfied with these walking shoes.
They are durable and made of durable material, they are also very comfortable, ideal for trekking or outdoor sports.
I loved the shoes !!
I have already worn them twice … I am very satisfied at least for now, comfortable they do their duty even for long trips in the mountains. For what they cost it is a great product.
I wear the 38.5 I took the 39 and it is still a bit wide even with the thickest sock. better this way anyway … already try and comfortable for a peaceful trek !!!!
I bought the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis for the rainy season. Feel my expectations fully. They are comfortable and light. For the recommended price.
Very resistant for intensive use. On the first hiking tour of over 10km, the shoe fits perfectly.