Excellent product, these Mr. Twinklelight PNSM316 Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis are a bit of the moment among the very young and not only in fact I had to buy them to make a birthday present I had seen them around in shopping malls but before buying I always compare the prices here on store and here the surprise as the price was much lower, I immediately bought them and I was satisfied with my purchase

product sold and shipped by store so a guarantee in terms of packaging and shipping arrived in an store box with a second box inside with inside the walking shoes and the respective stickers that guarantee the originality of the product


  • The perfect and very comfortable number from the very first day of use. I took them on vacation to do long walks and to visit cliffs and I must say that I did not feel any pain in my feet. Being white they get dirty easily.
  • The product is perfect, the only flaw is the shipping a little too slow. They delivered me two days later than expected, which was already quite a long time. The packaging was ok.
  • Very fast delivery despite not being shipped with Prime. Perfect packaging, original packaging. They are beautiful, my daughter loves them, they are well finished and they look sturdy, given the many seams. Recommend, even for a significantly lower price than the shop!
  • Original product, as expected. The label says “Women”, but reading the various reviews I bought it for my 10-year-old son. The shoe can be considered unisex in all respects (not having a higher heel thickness or anything else that makes it considered a shoe exclusively for women).
  • Beautiful and comfortable, arrive on time, excellent packaging, original box, I recommend buying for those who wear at least half a number more
  • The walking shoes arrived on schedule, beautiful, resistant, I took them a size and a half more because they fit little, despite this, they do not give the bigfoot effect, they are perfect, my daughter is very happy with them.

Mr. Twinklelight PNSM316 Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

as already mentioned above the low purchase price had made me doubt the originality of the product but once I opened the box I had no doubts they are original, perfect and comfortable even after putting them on for a long time the only drawback that they fit a little large for this advice to take at least half a pointless for those who prefer walking shoes for plantar fasciitis that fit perfect also because after a while as each shoe they give out and taking a larger point then they would have been too big, beyond this small mole I remain satisfied of my purchase, for this reason, I would recommend this product to all those people who are looking for these walking shoes for their children or to make a gift having a considerable saving compared to what they would pay in a physical store, quality and price make it a very valid purchase

I bought them for my 10-year-old daughter in size 38 and I have to say they fit slightly loose but in length they are right. Great for winter as they are tall and warm. Advise

I bought this walking shoes for a 14-year-old girl because they were nowhere to be found, when the package arrived she was thrilled, they arrived early and the seller was very kind. The shoes are the same as the photo. I gave five stars for both the product and the service.

Delivered ahead of schedule! I was able to try them on immediately and I must say that they are the ideal walking shoes for those who, like me, often spend twelve hours away from home. Aesthetically beautiful and very comfortable, absolutely recommended!

As for the walking shoes, they fit slightly small, however, in principle, the size corresponds. Knowing the product, I already knew what I was buying. 14 days for delivery are far too long, DHL rejected.

Overall I like them very much. Corresponding to the photo, worn are comfortable and make their figure. A single, small flaw: with use, small dots were created on the internal sponge lining.

Unlike some reviews I’ve read this product is great !!!!!

The measure must be taken one size more but having already other Fila I knew it and I took a 36 instead of 35.

The shoes are original and beautiful.

We complain that everyone buys online but in the shop, I would have spent 120 € here instead of only 60. So thanks to store

Pay in discount (small). Return the first time as the chosen number did not fit. The return method is excellent (changed the product with the right number), wonderful availability of the seller who followed me step by step in the procedure. I give 4 stars as the packaging/packaging was not exactly perfect.

The package arrived early and the packaging is perfect. The shoes are really beautiful and well finished. Some say they are not original because the inner sole comes off but not me! It remains glued, so I think the seams are original too and most importantly they are very comfortable !!! I wear the 38 but reading the reviews I took an extra number, the 39 because they don’t fit much. Satisfied!! I recommend them.

it took a while to get them but they arrived and they look perfect.

taken at 45 € … I was afraid they were fake but I don’t find any difference with those of the shop. so good


Bought at a discount through Warehouse. Perfect conditions, comfortable and resistant.

Perfect delivery time. The box was not the original but the packaging was correct and not damaged.

I was looking for a shoe that had a lot of soles and that allowed me to walk for hours while also supporting my back. I would say this model is perfectly suited

Satisfied. Very comfortable, corresponding to the description. timely shipment. Comes a size 39.5.

They fit smaller. Take one or two sizes up.

I usually take a 37 or 38, and the 39.5 row is perfect for me.

The product arrived earlier than the expected date. The walking shoes are original for those who thought that given the slightly lower price they might not be. I recommend buying half a size larger than the size that normally fits. I usually wear a 38 EU and I ordered a 38.5 and that’s fine.

Shoes arrived early. Perfect number. Original article. I had to buy them back on behalf of my sister since they had been stolen and I must say that she saved € 20 compared to the shop especially because wearing a men’s number, the cost is higher. SATISFIED

I ordered a 37 and a half, the shoes are very nice, too bad that I wearing a 23.5 cm AND wearing a 37 and a half are small, kind seller, he refunded the shoes but not the shipping, however, I recommend it

the seller was very professional and also the fast shipping, as for the shoes they are beautiful, original, as in the photos but I often wear 37 so I chose a 37.5 having seen that in the other reviews they said to take half a size up I have verified that it is true. satisfied.

My daughter wears 38 but having a bit of a wide plant I took the 39 1/2 and they were perfect.

From the reviews, they said to take an extra number and so I did.

Very beautiful!!!

excellent walking shoes, I bought them for a gift, they arrived intact but the box did not, it had a big gash on it. In addition to this, the shoes are excellent, comfortable and the size is perfect. My friend loves them so for those who like high but light shoes it’s great!

I bought an extra number for my daughter, after knowing they fit a little tight. They are very padded inside. It is a nice shoe, suitable for young guys.

Arrive earlier than expected in excellent condition, pay much less than its current price. 5 stars for product price and delivery!

My daughter loves them. They look a bit small at first but then they take the shape of the foot and fit right. Delivery arrived earlier than expected. The unbeatable price, in the shop I would have paid about 30 euros more. The packaging was a big surprise, only the shoe box inserted in an envelope arrived in excellent condition.

All perfect.

Purchased for my partner who is enthusiastic about it.

Comfortable but we had to take an extra size and a half 37.5 against its standard 36.

Another successful purchase, delivered at the right time, very comfortable, and the number corresponding perfectly

For a gift, I find these Fila, despite a bit of skepticism because I shop in the UK, but store delivery guarantee. Good price, with a little discount, on-time delivery, excellent shoes. Recommended!!!

The ordered product does not correspond to the size. That is, the Reseller followed the numbering but once measured it was small. I wish to communicate that despite the period we are going through,

the delivery took place depending on what was in order. Thank you.

I ordered the “Fila Donna Metallic Rose Oro Disruptor II Premium Sneaker” walking shoes for plantar fasciitis in white, 38.5 .. that is one size more (measured in the store), they arrived one day in advance … So great dealer !!! located in the UK. The shoes are exactly like in the photo. Original! And I saved up !!!!!!!!

Arrive earlier than expected. They are with the original box and tag. A great deal considering they cost € 120 at the shop! I recommend taking an extra number like I did because they don’t fit.

As I said, the

walking shoes are nice, but for those with wide feet, they are a bit narrow. I have taken half a number more than what I normally take and it is still not enough, I have put them in shape and since I will use them in winter, I hope they have widened a little in these months!

I will wear them

The quality is indisputable! Perfect down to the smallest detail!

Long delivery time but they were shipped from the States so we are on schedule.

The seller is very available for any size changes

Give it to my daughter and they have been appreciated .. Took an extra number reading the reviews and they are fine

Why Should I Buy Mr. Twinklelight PNSM316 Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

My daughter is happy, the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are beautiful and comfortable, the delivery on time. It doesn’t get better than this.

I state that I don’t like this shoe. But since it’s a gift I bought it.

Very welcome gift. And I must say that it is of good quality. And it’s a shoe that young people like.

I recommend it for a possible gift

The walking shoes are very nice, arrived in their original packaging, nothing to complain, very original.

Very fast shipping even if they came from the UK

fast delivery! the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis arrived earlier than expected! very good product even if aesthetically I don’t like them at all! but my daughter loves them.

The shipment, even though it is still in transit, was carried out within the expected terms, specifically on October 9, 2019. Intact packaging, produced in perfect condition.

Overall good product, the price is also very feasible compared to those offered in stores. The only flaw is the Hermes Italy courier, not so fast in delivery (11 days).

I wear a 44, I took the 44.5 and it fits me quite well.