This is the first time I’ve bought a pair of New Balance 500 Core, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis online. Flawless delivery by store. I had tried on the shoes at a store that had them on offer, but the 46 was cramped. I searched on store and found the same model but 45.5 that fits perfectly and at a lower price! The walking shoes I am wearing every day and they are very comfortable and resistant!


  • Original walking shoes were received with their box. The number fits right. Very comfortable and light.
  • Bargain price. I highly recommend the purchase.
  • Bought to make a gift. I was on the safe side knowing the brand.
  • The color is not very clear so perfect.
  • Buy on super offer!
  • Great shoes. Now I only buy NB …
  • Shipping store TOP. Parcel arrived 3 days in advance (which on the islands, Sicily or Sardinia) is an excellent result.
  • Simply super comfortable, I’ve tried all kinds of walking shoes, but in the end, I always buy New Balance. The foot is comfortable and the shoes are very light.
  • I liked the product, a little light but being more suitable for the summer, they are fine too. The color is the same as the order, the number fits the right, I am satisfied with the walking shoes and the delivery.

New Balance 500 Core, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Arrive on time, as usual, flawlessly packed. The walking shoes for plantar fasciitis look exactly like in the photo, excellent materials, do not have any manufacturing imperfections. For convenience what to say … NB it is a guarantee, exceptional perspiration, after a whole day it does not even seem to have them on your feet, also tested on long sloping paths and with rough ground or stones, and they behave very well, the grip is there always and no discomfort or slippage of the foot in the shoe is perceived. Despite the light color, they are not subject to stains and dirt in general (I suppose for the type of materials used). I write this review months after the purchase and I am fully satisfied, only flaw? you will no longer want to wear uncomfortable walking shoes!

I have always considered New Balance a “fashionable” brand and not able to compete with established and consolidated sports brands for some time like Nike and Adidas just to name two. Then pushed by an attractive offer I convinced myself to try them. I’m not a serious athlete, but I like to take long walks and often run a few hours. And I must say these shoes are great. I wear a number 45 and I took just that number (I had read reviews recommending taking an extra number) and it fits me perfectly. My foot is long but rather thin and these shoes wrap it up perfectly.

They are very light, the feeling is of having nothing on the foot but at the same time when I run I feel the ankle very tight. Really good feeling, lightness associated with stability.

The materials are excellent and resistant (I write this review after several months, the offer I was referring to is that of Black Friday so …..) and on the design of the shoe, there is not much to add.

And then with this gray color, they are also suitable for casual and informal clothing. A dusting to remove the dust of the walks and are perfect for any eventuality.

I think it won’t be the only pair of New Balance in my shoe cabinet.

After a few months have passed with these shoes, I can now confidently tell you about them.

I have always bought walking shoes from other sports brands and this time I wanted to try the famous Balance and I must say that it was worth it. Wide toe, high off the ground, and also comfortable to be worn for many hours.

The materials are good, light, do not give off bad smells, and are shoes for half times and summer, not winter! They are not shoes for running, but they are sober, sporty, and elegant at the same time.

The “Gray White Gry” color that I took I must say is quite delicate, but the white rubber part that gets dirty easily … ehehehe

Thanks to store, and despite the light color (very summery) I grabbed them at a purchase price at the level of lesser-known brands!

I hope it was useful …

store top 100%

The package arrived one day early.

The model of the shoes is summery and they are soft and light. They also look well done.

I took my usual size and they fit perfectly. no problem.

You pay € 38 at a great price. Let’s hope for the duration.

Taken at a great price with a pre-order (they arrived after about two weeks) I can be more than satisfied. I already have other walking shoes branded New Balance and the quality is very good, they have always lasted for many years without ever getting damaged.

They fit the right. The gray color is beautiful even if it appears slightly darker live.

I found an offer for only 28 euros this shoe that I have been following for a while. I had no problems with the number as I already know having other models as it fits me. Rather fast shipping in 3 days with prime. excellent shoe.does not deserve 5 stars only for the internal support which is not great. cmq recommended

Classic and timeless. The style of the New Balance is of high quality and details that make the difference.

Wonderful! Very comfortable, beautiful color, they are sporty but at the same time, they can be worn to play down a more elegant outfit … only care I confirm that they dress small, I recommend the plus size.

Good product already purchased in the past size 43 but it turned out to be a bit too comfortable, I bought the 42.5 but it turns out to be too “right”, but it is not attributable to the seller. A recommended purchase for the convenience of the shoe and design

Arrive on time. It’s the second pair I buy, the first I bought in the shop and the size (45.5) was perfect. These are slightly narrower (I have 45 as a size), not at the tip where everything is ok but the shoe is narrower and can be seen with the naked eye comparing them to the other taken in the store. The construction is the same, both made in Vietnam, but with the manufacturer’s specifications and therefore should be the same. I don’t understand if they changed the measures two years after the first purchase. I hope they widen a little when using them. However they are excellent walking shoes, better than Nike at the same price, very light, I walk about 10/15 km a day and they lasted two years. Now we will see if the second pair will have the same duration and the same characteristics.

Great pair of walking shoes for plantar fasciitis also arrive early. They fit very well, are comfortable, and very beautiful to look at. They come with white and gray laces so you can also choose to change. I was very happy with the convenience they have. I recommend them

Arriving on time, store does not beat this. Few times it went beyond the promised date. Shoes …. what to say, they are a guarantee. Taken with careful visualization of the prices at less than 40 € is a SUPER DEAL !! Beauty but above all COMFORT. Very few other brands can give such value for money.

To be bought again in other colors if there is convenience.

I wear 42 in general and I got a 42.5, apart from this at a good price store allowed me to wear a great classic, excellent workmanship and resistance, and suitable all summer and mid-seasons for all types of clothing.

One of the best models ever purchased. I have also used them in the mountains and they have a good grip.

Well made shoe. Resistant and breathable material. Comfortable for walking, with good support. The only flaw is a bit narrow compared to the number, causing a slight annoyance for those with a wide foot sole. Despite everything recommended.

I took a 42 and a half the walking shoes arrived on time as always .. at the beginning they were slightly tight then worn two or three times are fine. the foot breathes held up from morning to evening

Excellent product I found it at a discount pay less than 35 €.

I had been looking for a long time for them to be

beautiful and perfect as a fit

Excellent product, unfortunately too small in my case: I wear 41 and 1/2, I ordered 41.5, but it fits tight.

Fast return via Point DHL near your home and money re-credited quickly.

For the price I got them (around 27 €), they are too good.

The shoe is not only made of the brand, but it is a cheaper line.

All in all, they are comfortable, light, and beautiful too.

They fit a little tight, so I took the extra half size.

Like all NB excellent walking shoes, beautiful and very comfortable. For the resistance, I don’t know, but if they last as long as the old ones I had, I will be delighted, I travel by train and bike every day, now they are a bit destroyed but they lasted for years!

Why Should I Buy New Balance 500 Core, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

I got these walking shoes for plantar fasciitis for my brother they are original related boxes and are finished in all points very comfortable and super warm … also the excellent size I took a 45 and it fits perfectly

Product valid for non-sporting use, even if the experiences made see it as suitable for not too intensive use. Good portability, durable materials, not suitable for use in pedal shift motorcycles.

Great walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are also taken at a good price!

It fits right then to take your size.

They come in the box and with double laces!

OK for me

I had already bought some new balances in the past so I just had to choose the color that I liked best

Shipping on time and great price

Beautiful, comfortable, and at a more than affordable price.

A brand and a shoe that I have often bought over the years but have not always been able to find at this price.

Comfortable and the right fit.