I love those Nike Court Royale Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. The quality is good for this price. Very comfortable and you will have no foot pain even after many hours of use at work. Unfortunately, I had to order the shoes twice. The first time I threw them in the washing machine several times and they came out on top. Only the last time at 90deg was then but too much and slightly warped and I ordered a pair again.


  • walking shoes arrived in a few days, they are beautiful, fit well, comfortable, good price I recommend that I wear the 41, the 41 is fine…
  • Nice Nike likes the ones I had as a boy !!! The fact that they are completely white can also be combined with a sporty outfit, matching them perfectly!
  • Great walking shoes fit perfectly. Very resistant and long-lasting. Original Nike product
  • Perfect, on-time delivery and the recommended number is accurate. I had taken a number less but they were very kind and fast also in the change
  • The shoe itself is not the most comfortable, here style goes before comfort. However, the shoe can be worn well in the office or when going out and looks casual too. It can be combined well with different clothes. The sneaker is easy to clean with a disposable cleaning cloth.
  • Skinny, beautiful, as shown in the photos, at a great price, washable, comfortable, and elegant at the same time, highly recommended
  • Very nice sneaker, bright white, great shape. Better hardly goes for a good price. Even after wearing it several times and in white almost no dirt on the shoe. Top!

Nike Court Royale Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Honestly, it’s my first pair of walking shoes for plantar fasciitis online because I’ve always been doubtful, but I couldn’t find them in the shop anyway.

Faithful shoes as in the picture !! The shoe size is perfect! I highly recommend the product!

You immediately notice the very high quality, I can’t find any defects for this product. At the right price, Nike gives you a lasting and level product. The shoe fits perfectly and immediately that white flanked by the simple and delicate finishes of the Nike brand capture the attention. Two months have passed since the purchase but I must say that even if they get dirty easily due to the color, the waterproof fabric allows them to be cleaned without leaving stains or streaks. The internal material is breathable and does not collect bad odors, unlike inexpensive but poor quality walking shoes. In short, the value for the money of this product is really impressive, I highly recommend buying it with your eyes closed!

The product arrived on schedule and complies with what is described.

Normal fit, I recommend taking the number you normally wear with other sneakers.

I bought these Nikes to give them to my boyfriend driven by their beauty and very competitive price.

I was afraid they fit small and that the size is wrong, but they dress perfectly: my boyfriend is wearing a size 46 and these shoes fit him perfectly. Moreover, they are beautiful and look great when worn.

Delighted with the purchase!

It is useless to say more for store which, as always, is impeccable.

Arrive 1 week earlier than an expected, serious and reliable shopkeeper.

Unfortunately, in my case, the size usually worn in this model is quite abundant, but this does not affect the quality of the shoe.

Beautiful, to match anywhere, well done as only Nike can do.

I made the return, the shopkeeper was very kind and very helpful in support of the return procedure.

Simple and elegant shoes, they can be worn on any outfit without disfiguring, really the top.

Furthermore, thanks to the fabric of the walking shoes, any stains go away very easily, without having to put them in the washing machine every time.

Highly recommended.

At first, looking at the unbranded box I thought of a bin, but it was specified that the box had been replaced. The shoe looks original and matches the photos so I would say everything is ok.

For the price of 39.99, it deserves 5 stars. Beautiful, comfortable (it seems a detail but I appreciated the soft tongue and the laces), fashionable with their blinding white.

They fit right, neither too little nor too much

Comfortable shoes, I bought them half a size smaller than my fit, but there was no problem whatsoever.

They are easy to clean and are beautiful.

Maybe not exactly summer since the feet sweat a little … but they do well when they are clean.

Taken for a birthday present, great price, I already knew the shoes, I had already had them and they did a great success.

I arrived at the fourth pair of this multipurpose shoe. Excellent fit this time I take it 1/2 number higher. I used them and overused them, put them in the washing machine, smudged with paints. From early spring to late October these are the shoes I always wear. Great product with this eco-leather cover (once it was said fake leather).

Excellent quality walking shoes.

I was a bit unsure about the number as I wear 41 but I often have to take 42; I took the 41 and I found myself benevolent.

On par, if not better, than very similar but much more expensive shoes

Beautiful shoes bought together with black & white. My num. Normal is 44 the B&W I took 45 following another customer’s review, the white I took 44 (max number available) unfortunately I had to return them.

store also confirms this as the best. The shoe arrived well in advance. In perfect condition. It is comfortable, the upper is soft as well as the sole, despite being made of rubber. Great buy!

Nice and comfortable sneakers. Unbeatable store price. Advice!

Beautiful Nikes, really comfortable! I always wear them now and even for long walks my feet never bother me!

Highly recommended!

This shoe is nice and comfortable, it fits normal and despite numerous washes, it has held up very well.

Purchase made for my son who destroys walking shoes in no time

Beautiful and comfortable, it fits very well, especially with elasticated laces. Synthetic material but on the other hand, the price is really low.

Comfortable and good quality at this price buy Nike the size take it with the number of shoes you always wear

Great price. The product does not arrive in the original Nike box and does not have the usual paper inside the shoe. Original? From the quality, I would say yes.

Perfect! I was not very convinced about buying walking shoes on the internet, but in this case, I must say that the size is regular.

Perfect product! Satisfied! It arrived long before the expected date! No flaws! Thank you

These walking shoes for plantar fasciitis have now become my trademark, it is certainly my fourth pair.

I had worn the Adidas Stan Smith counterpart before, as well as some Puma models, but these are lined with faux leather on the inside, which always gave me bubbles.

Here the lining is made of lined fabric, which increases running comfort. Unfortunately, this fabric, as well as the outside, is completely white, so if you wear black socks, the lining seems to fade very quickly, which then looks ugly. Also, the shoes are sadly zero breathable, which is a sticking point in summer. This is also the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Otherwise for 30 euros cheaper than a Stan Smith a super shoe. High-quality workmanship, just like a regular Nike.

The shoe is worn by me in the office and everyday life. Not for sport, but as I said, it’s too little breathable.

Despite sweaty feet still my favorite shoe.

If they liked my little review, I’d be happy to get a corresponding note

The walking shoes came to me as fast as usual. The stitching is good, the shoe sits comfortably and comfortably. I love the classic look that can be combined with chinos and shirts as well as denim tops. I ordered a size 43. I find the delivered size a bit small. It fits, but it should be slightly larger at 43, hence the ‘Slightly Small’ indication when asked how the product fits.

Otherwise, a recommendable classic shoe at a reasonable price.

I was looking for a white sneaker for spring and summer and came across the Nike Court Royal. Since it appealed to me very visually.

It has exactly the style I was looking for at a good price. So I bought it in mid-February.

The disadvantage is that in the shoe you sweat quickly in summer temperatures due to the material. Also, I have to say that it is minimally too small for me with the EU 46. But that doesn’t bother in everyday life. Unfortunately, there is no EU size 46.5.

Conclusion: Currently my favorite sneaker that I currently wear often and because of that it still looks good.

Why Should I Buy Nike Court Royale Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Fast delivery. This is a great high-quality solid color genuine leather shoe. Looks like the photos. I combine it both cool and sporty and chic in a suit (for example without ankles). It fits my normal size and is very comfortable. It’s my second pair of walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. I can only recommend it.

I was looking for a shoe that is durable and looks good.

I found it. It fits very well and is super comfortable, even if you are on your feet all day. The material appears to be well crafted and is easy to clean.

I would buy the shoe again at any time.

After I have walking shoes for a while, I must say that I am super satisfied.

The shoe is super worked and is very comfortable. He also had bad experiences with Nike walking shoes in terms of quality.

Here is the price-performance ratio

Typical for Nike at least half a number too small, this should be taken into consideration when ordering. Otherwise a comfortable, sporty, and timeless shoe for the summer. However, somewhat prone to the fact that discoloration tends to be poorly removed. Qualitatively not exceptional, but in any case very clean. A fair price.

The shoe fits as expected and also looks superior. For this price to get a leather shoe from Nike, you can’t whine! Downside the tongue of the shoe has a light blue/light gray point! For me no problem, it usually disappears under the pants anyway!

These white sneakers are made of good quality material which is very comfortable on the legs while walking even though my walking shoes for plantar fasciitis I order were a little big the sole of this shoe is not that comfortable but considering the price and quality of the product it is worth buying

At first, it hurts me but now it is going to sweat its a shame as I never sweat they are beautiful but it is also not a shoe to walk 8 hours a day however I recommend this article when its price is less than 50 €