I bought these Nike Tanjun Mn, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis because I like to have comfortable shoes for walking when I go out with friends, go for a walk, or take my trips. These shoes are great in terms of comfort, they are comfortable from the first time you put them on. They are also very light, therefore breathable, and it seems you are not wearing them. The sole is high enough so the walking shoes, in addition to cushioning well in case of running, also give a few centimeters more height. Aesthetically nothing to say, simple and beautiful, both for sports and for casual and youthful clothing. The only flaws: the fabric is quite light and over the years it can tear near the tip of the foot, in the case of frequent use of shoes, especially if in environments such as the countryside or gym. Furthermore, the lightness of the walking shoes makes them practically unusable in the rain, but this is quite obvious. Overall, the rating is still 5 out of 5 as, for their price, they do their job very well.


  • The shoes are comfortable for both walking and running, they are slightly raised. They fit right, so try the higher number as well. The only flaw is that the material seems thin, in my opinion, they wear out easily if used frequently. store price affordable compared to stores
  • Fantastic walking shoes for the quality-price… I use them in the gym and I must say that they are very comfortable they adapt perfectly to the foot are very light it does not even seem to have them …. if you want some advice take them also because compared to other shoes the price-quality is excellent…
  • Very beautiful and light. but a little smaller than the standards.
  • I had read the reviews so I took an extra number. I did well because although they are an extra number, they are slightly tight. I am confident that the fabric will yield a little as it is very light.
  • Perfect, well made and also beautiful, they show all their quality, comfortable and fit optimally, I took an extra half size to be sure, 43, arrived before the expected date well packaged.

Nike Tanjun Mn, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

My 5 stars are directly related to store delivery, the shoes arrived on time the day after placing the order. Unfortunately, I will have to make the return because the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis fit quite small. I have always worn a 44.5 for all the shoe styles I own but I will have to order half a size up for Nike. Having said that we must not underestimate this particular.

I had the misfortune (hopefully for the others) to receive, twice, models that had defects.

The first I received, probably an error on the part of store in sending the latter, the second, however, which I decided to keep have the same manufacturing defects that I had already identified. Here the compliments to store who offered me a partial refund to compensate for the defect.

Defects aside, however, they are comfortable.

Not for nothing, as indicated both in the packaging and in the sole itself, they are designed to be used all day.

The foot remains warm, but when you walk, it happens that you feel a change of air which is not annoying, but far from it.

It is probably a symptom that the shoe allows the foot to breathe without problems.

In all this, given the fairly affordable price, I recommend buying it!

I ordered a pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus as they were discounted, but I was disappointed for reasons that I am not going to explain (if you want to read the review about it on my profile) and I opted for these for several reasons. Although the Nike Tanjun was cheaper, there is better quality, the fabric is perhaps a little light and it gets a little cold but it is very breathable. The sole is abundantly raised from the ground and does not cause any discomfort to the foot. The measure is almost perfect, in length, we are there, at the tip it is slightly wide, but perhaps it is for those who run a lot and want to put a soft subject to the shoe. I use these walking shoes for jumping rope, and occasionally running and I have not had any problems.

As the title suggests, I would never trade these shoes with others. They are perfect in both summer and winter, except when it rains or snows of course. Great for those who have problems with sweat on their feet, like me, as they are made of breathable fabric. Also, even if you walk on it for a whole day, your feet don’t hurt.

It fits impeccably, as only Nike can give to their shoes. They are also very comfortable even if you wear them for many hours consecutively, they hold up well the walk and do not make you feel excessively tired. Don’t be afraid to take your size. In an extreme case, you have 30 days to change! Without any expense!

I am a fan of Nike walking shoes and I must say that probably, also given the quality/price ratio, they are the best I have ever bought and used.

Light, very comfortable (it feels like wearing slippers), breathable. They tend to get dirty easily, but they can be washed in the washing machine without any problems, making them like new.

The arch support is truly incredible: even after hours of standing, there is no discomfort.

I am so pleased that I would buy more pairs of different colors.

These shoes are perfect for someone like me who was looking for something light and comfortable.

I bought these Nike for traveling (I travel a lot for work), so they are useful for the following reasons:

– They are very flexible and fit in very small suitcases

– They

are very light – They are very comfortable to wear, especially after a day of work on very hard leather shoes

– They are breathable and cool.

Given the price paid and the delivery in 24 hours, I can be very satisfied

Arrive on schedule thanks to store Prime. Original shoes are made with excellent materials, light and transparent fabric, ideal for everyday use, or for walking. Regarding the size, it fits well, just follows the classic number, there are no particular differences from the shop number. Recommended given the good quality/price ratio.

Prime day price € 26.50. Buy one month and one week before for € 46.50. I recommend half a number less than usual, especially if you wear them with light socks. Very breathable and fresh, comfortable even when worn for many hours. Very soft sole but the little grip on surfaces.

Very comfortable shoes, they can be worn with everything and the particular soft sole is also perfect for when going for walks.

The thing that most stupid me is the solidity of the sole, even in the wet from under the water does not enter.

From above, being perforated (therefore summer), a lot of air passes and in summer it is simply a panacea.

– Materials: valuable, the classic Nike fabric that guarantees breathability and comfort at the same time; the comfortable and resistant sole

– Design: elegant and slender, suitable for both sporting and social environments

– Quality / Price: almost excellent, price slightly below the average in the sports walking shoes for plantar fasciitis market of the main brands (Nike included)

– Delivery: timely, like most of the prime shipments

Materials: fine, the Nike fabric that always guarantees breathability and comfort at the same time; the comfortable and resistant sole

– Design: elegant and slender, suitable for both sporty and elegant environments

– Quality / Price: excellent, price slightly below the average in the sports shoe market of the main brands (Nike included)

– Delivery: pity that the delivery is not with prime but for the rest, however, it arrives in 2 days

the sole is a tad slippery and they are not 100% stable but they are the maximum comfort on the feet they don’t even feel. a pleasure to wear them after a day with safety walking shoes.

The number is what I wear for Nikes, they are perfect … very comfortable because the material is very light and above all comfortable and does not put pressure on the foot at any point. The sole is super soft and it seems to bounce with every step … a very comfortable feeling. Aesthetically good, excellent value for money!

Nothing to say about quality and service NIKE is always Nike. Attention to the size, me and my partner wears one size more like other models of other brands. For Saucony users, take the Jazz model number and you’re done.

For me they are the most comfortable sneakers, it is already the third pair I buy. Better price than in the store and fast shipping.

Attention only to the number, try them first in the store because I’m 42 but these shoes (and Nike in general) fit me 44.5.

Comfortable walking shoes, not suitable for rain, the upper part is breathable and allows water to pass.

As for the shock absorber, they are not very amortized, they are scared for a walk.

A shoe for me very comfortable, light, and breathable, like having slippers on your feet. It is the fourth pair that I buy in total and the second gray to replace the previous one used a lot and worn out. The purchase in question went well, only a very small defect on the shoe in the back looks slightly stained / ruined, you don’t notice much, you just have to watch it. This only drawback for which I do not award maximum points. The box a little damaged / dented but being for me and not a gift in the end it’s okay. On the shoe in general, being made of the perforated canvas it is also quite delicate and can be consumed more quickly than the average summer sneakers.

There is no more comfortable shoe than this. It offers unique heel support (which has always been a problem for me), it’s like walking on pillows. A cool shoe that keeps the foot ventilated, goodbye “running shoe choking”.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially for those with heel and/or back problems.

Why Should I Buy Nike Tanjun Mn, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

These walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are very comfortable: they fit well and stretch a lot when walking but I encountered a problem; after less than 5 months the weaving of the left shoe near the tip of the shoes was punctured and within 2 weeks it further widened.

Apart from this problem, walking shoes are very good, comfortable, and cheap.

Excellent shoes for walking, very comfortable, and excellent material. Nike never disappoints.

If you have to walk a lot these walking shoes are ideal, as they do not tire the foot.

I recommend taking your number, or if you use them for the race an extra number. (I also took an extra number to walk to make the foot breathe more)

Shipping with prime as usual at the top! A known and recognized brand that always turns out to be the best, ultra-comfortable, and light shoe! Super recommended

I already knew the shoes, having tried them on in a shop so as not to get the size wrong. I decided to buy on store because, although the price was slightly higher, only here I found the color I preferred, quite unavailable for my size.

Beautiful and very comfortable walking shoes, excellent for the summer for long walks in the heat as they are very light and fresh. store service as efficient as ever.

Very nice walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, I ordered a 42 for my brother and they fit him well, the only flaw is the box, but of course, it is not store’s fault but the courier’s fault (Bartolini) as you can see from the photo everything is ruined even in a bit of care … for the rest, I am very satisfied with the product.