A very nice pair of PUMA Ignite Flash Evoknit, Men’s Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis to look at with the characters from the model that they do not have the tongue.

The upper part of the shoe is whole and the only opening is the one to insert the foot. However, no problem in wearing them even if the foot must be of the right size to prevent wrinkles from forming by tightening the laces.

The size is only slightly smaller than stated but it was not a problem in my case. There could be a few more problems for those who, despite the length, have thin feet, since in this case, the laces do not help much.


  • The running shoes are very nice and fit right, in the sense that the size I ordered (mine) corresponds to the size of my foot and is not tight, as unfortunately happens now and then with online purchases. Overall I am very satisfied.
  • Very light and comfortable, I use them mainly to do workout exercises, while for running in my opinion they are a bit “fragile” and provide little lateral support (on bumpy roads) due to the very light material
  • Great product. Comfortable, enveloping, it offers a very soft walk. Maybe it tightens a bit for those who, like me, have a high instep. Very comfortable plant.
  • Perfect! Comfortable, beautiful, exactly as shown in the photo. They have no tongue and are elastic, so they are very comfortable to put on and take off, without having to undo them
  • Beautiful running shoes, competitive price (taken at 34 euros) comfortable, and above all they have a very soft memory insole, but at the same time, it supports the footwell. I recommend them especially for the summer, but with a heavy sock, you can always use them.
  • Perfect, if I found another offer with my number, I would also take other colors. White is very delicate for a shoe. But satisfied.

PUMA Ignite Flash Evoknit, Men’s Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Product Measurement: I took a 41 and it fits my foot size perfectly. Very comfortable but I only used them for NON-sporting activities.

Materials: great but don’t expect mud racing. The use of these running shoes for plantar fasciitis is summer.

Shipping and Packaging: fast and punctual.






-none but be careful of the use you make of them, they are obviously for summer use.

Conclusions and value for money: very satisfied with the purchase also because the size corresponded perfectly, something not taken for granted.

Pay about 60 € on offer, I think it is a great price. I wouldn’t go over € 80 for any type of shoe.

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I chose these running shoes wanting to replace the Nike Roshe One that played their role very well last summer and, unfortunately, they left me with a worn sole at the beginning of this one.

Guys the rose one will be comfortable but these are fantastic, I took my usual size and it fits me perfectly, the pads inside are very comfortable, the “sock” effect of the shoe at first gives a strange feeling when you get used to it, the shoe to you and you to the shoe, everything is very comfortable.

Also nice color and above all the price. Paid 50 euros it was a great purchase, I think I will take a different pair of the same series once this color, given the winter, has tired me.

Belle, I recommend them to everyone.

PS: the only drawback, but embarrassing to complain about it, the “internal stickers” of the writings go away when you wash the shoe or simply with the wear on contact with the sock after a few days. Nothing important eh.

PUMA Ignite Flash Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoe Guide

Shoes are taken for walking and physical activity in the gym. Excellent for the weight room, a little less for long walks. The little plantar support makes them uncomfortable and painful after a few kilometers of walking. The attractive design even if the puma logo in large letters on the back is undoubtedly tacky.

I bought this pair of running shoes because I was looking for new running shoes for plantar fasciitis to go running. I find them very comfortable, the foot feels very stable even when I run on uneven ground that stresses the ankle.

I also find them very nice aesthetically.

When buying this pair of running shoes I was very skeptical, I had never bought shoes online, and I was afraid of making a mistake with the size, instead, I changed my mind, the right size on the first order.

The shoes are perfect, aesthetically beautiful but above all comfortable.

I recommend the purchase.

I was afraid of having the wrong number, but thanks to the feedback from users I decided to take my usual number … I did well, they fit great. Danilo

The shoes are nice, comfortable, and cool. I always feel good with Puma.

The only drawback that I point out is that since I wear them, often when I open the car I get the shock, a sign that the sole does not insulate well.

I bought two pairs, one red and one white. I am very satisfied with the product that arrived on time and in order. They are shoes for the summer and fit well for the actual size

How To Choose The Right PUMA Ignite Flash Running Shoes

They are comfortable shoes, they are worn like socks, like all Puma Evoknit shoes.

Light, for periods that are not cold (nor rainy because they are made of canvas, they are not waterproofed).

Ignite technology: the shoe is flexible, folds well, suitable for fitness, however, I do not recommend it for those who run a lot every day, as it does not cushion enough (in this regard I recommend the Puma with Nrgy or Hybrid technology), they are however suitable for a long walk.

They fit right, neither narrow nor wide: taken the usual Puma number, the 44 which is equivalent to 28.5 cm.

Shoes for running

In the object, I said running, as these running shoes due to their characteristic both for the weight and for the upper make them suitable shoes for this use.

running shoes from the Puma brand, an authoritative brand of clothing and footwear for sport and leisure.

The model is Ignite Flash Evoknit, as indeed said these for running, they are ideal for fast performance, given their lightweight and good technical characteristics such as a good shock absorbing tread makes them ideal, the important thing that the surfaces are asphalt or similar, not suitable for dirt roads or uneven terrain, running risks risk problems.

The shoe is completely white (so let’s resign ourselves that it gets dirty immediately), the upper is in synthetic material with fabric lining the laces are also white, this particular upper promotes good breathability, keeping the foot fresh even with long training sessions or tender.

They are very comfortable like, the fit is almost right, the sole is uniform it has no heel, obviously also excellent for leisure time, gym, etc.

Both the sole and the upper are of good quality, very beautiful.

I also recommend not to exaggerate with the size: I wear the 43 and a half, and on this 44 you can see very well the protrusion of the big toe which does not reach the tip of the shoe (being the fabric very thin, any protrusion is immediately noticeable).

What Do People Say About PUMA Ignite Flash Running Shoes?

I could call myself a collector of sneakers I own all kinds and brands, especially running shoes, hiking shoes, and running shoes for plantar fasciitis to wear for normal daily activities including workouts in the gym.

These Ignite Flash Evokit by Puma are lightweight running shoes, about 270g per shoe, made of fabric with a rubber sole. Aesthetically they are very beautiful, at least I like them a lot. They are laced but the laces have almost more an aesthetic function than anything else since the shoe is worn without problems even if already fastened and there is no need to tighten to have it firmly on the foot.

They are not suitable shoes for running or even for long walks, although they are very comfortable they are not very cushioned and have an almost completely smooth sole that does not allow to obtain a good grip. They are ideal footwear to wear for normal daily activities or to train in the gym, especially recommended for hot periods given the excellent breathability guaranteed by the fabric with which they are made.

For the choice of the size, I would say that they fit regular so you can buy your usual size and you will not have any problems.

The shoes are very light already taking them in hand and are even more so when worn. The fabric they are made of is soft and flexible and adapts easily to the foot. If the size is right, they fit like a glove.

It is also very breathable and light, which makes it suitable for indoor use or outdoor use only in spring/summer. Even in intense use, it is difficult to get the foot to sweat.

However, they are not bad even from the ability of the rubber sole to absorb shocks and in returning the rebound. Less performing from the grip is the sole, even for normal use, it is not a problem.

My son found them exceptional and decided to use them even in winter (in the gym obviously since they are not waterproof). In the right period, however, they are also very nice to wear even with a pair of jeans.

The only observation is that they get dirty easily, but that’s no surprise given the color.

The price is good, certainly adequate for the overall quality of the shoe.

Product recommended especially for those who suffer from hot feet or those looking for a light product.

First two words regarding the size. I usually wear the 43.5, but the 44 here fits me perfectly, so half a size up shouldn’t be a problem. It also depends on the shape of your foot and your habits, I appreciate a shoe that fits very well, some want a little more space.

Why Should I Buy PUMA Ignite Flash Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoes

Leaving this aside, one is first of all surprised by the extreme lightness.

It seems to all intents and purposes to wear a sock with a sole. The upper part of the running shoes for plantar fasciitis is made of synthetic fabric, which not only offers excellent comfort but also helps to breathe while keeping the foot cool even during exercise.

The sole is in rubber, very well shaped even if the notch in the lower part is not exactly the best. It is a shoe suitable for use on surfaces such as asphalt, track, weight room, rather than dirt or off-road where having a little more grip is a good thing.

It is also a summer shoe, it does not keep warm, so in winter it is not recommended to use it even every day and I would avoid using it even with wet asphalt as the fabric would tend to soak too easily.

I’m not a runner, and I found these shoes to be very light. I only used them in the park, but they seem very reliable and, contrary to appearances, comfortable in dealing with the roughness of the terrain. I also bought them for my son.

For all other situations, it is excellent, I was surprised not only for the comfort but also for the very low weight.

It is worn as if it were a moccasin, the laces only serve to secure it in a better way so that it does not slip.

They are certainly not sneakers to use in winter with snow, but these Ignite by Puma, in addition to having an original design, are not bad at all.

What struck me immediately is their lightness and comfort.

Although they do not have a real tongue (it is sewn on the upper), they are easy to put on and the strings close well without applying too much pressure and without taking off by themselves (as happens in other models).


The fabric of the shoe is porous (it filters the air), and therefore they are advisable only for the summer period (it is worth having the foot frozen if they are used in winter, as I am doing in this period).

They do not even resist rain, as the fabric is super porous, and very rough terrain.

Impeccable Delivery And Packaging. The Shoes Are Beautiful Authentic. They fit perfectly like a sock … the measurements reflect the real ones compared to other running shoes from other brands. So nothing to Add 5 stars because everything went perfectly.

At the time of writing, the price for number 44 is around 70 euros, which is quite in line with the prices offered by other e-commerce sites.

Beautiful running shoes, both aesthetically and in terms of comfort and lightness.

They do not have the classic tongue but the upper (upper part) is all one piece, so the number must be as exact as possible to have a perfect and snug fit.

They are very fresh, therefore suitable for summer and for sports that are a little intense and make the foot sweat.

They have good breathability so they help keep the foot cool.

However, they are also good to use every day, if perhaps you have the problem of always having your feet too hot .. even if I would not recommend them with the current very cold winter temperatures, they are more for spring/summer/autumn.