I bought 2 different pairs of PUMA Smash V2 Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis of this model as they were selling them at very low prices. This blue and one white. After all, sure that the Puma brand would have been synonymous with a guarantee.

Standard puma packaging, identical to that of any store. As well as the internal packaging.


  • great walking shoes comfortable and light super price, a bargain for these shoes. The size is right and respects the measurements of the sizes shown. Top outer material
  • Beautiful in wine color, size 40 perfect for my 40 foot. Great price, recommend !! I purchased these walking shoes after reading several positive reviews. I confirm that they are aesthetically valid, not too comfortable because low but at least they seem resistant. The article is exactly as I expected and as illustrated. It fits well, it’s comfortable. Perfect delivery times.
  • Puma never denies the measurements are perfect and adapt to the foot like very few brands.
  • I’ve dared Puma many more times and that’s why I don’t hesitate when there’s an offer.
  • Great buy … at a good price too! …. it’s a nice model also well finished … with an insole that makes walking comfortable …. they are beautiful and a little … and with the brown sole they can be worn even in winter … if it is not very cold ………
  • I love Puma! Very comfortable and beautiful! Even better now that they have soft foam! And they cost the right !!
  • Before buying them, I had tried them on in a store but the size is right, they fit perfectly.

PUMA Smash V2 Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

The puma, as always, never disappoints, very comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis every day especially in the coldest periods as the high internal padding keeps the foot warm.

I landed because of an advantageous price to the PUMA Smash v2, which is the latest update of the iconic PUMA Smash launched in 1968.

These sneakers have the typical minimalist style, in the tradition of tennis footwear, which goes perfectly with any casual outfit. . The light padding on the collar and the SOFT FOAM + insole improve comfort, the upper is in suede and the sole in rubber. The fit is comfortable and overall they are quite light, the sizes are abundant by about half a number. I think they are more suitable to wear in the cooler seasons. The duration is to be verified over time but at the moment I am satisfied with the purchase.

Puma is a German sportswear company founded in 1948. The sneakers are made in Cambodia.


The walking shoes are beautiful, sturdy and I must say, very comfortable.

They have this particular latex sole (material that they are keen to sponsor and highlight so much that they specify it with a label attached to the shoe made of the material itself.

Indeed, certainly also thanks to this technological insole, the shoe is worn and very comfortable, also, to be very beautiful

Easy to clean


My foot is a 43.5EU and usually, for sneakers, I take a 44 EU, but in this case, I had to take a 43. The sole, even more with time, tends to widen a little.


I put 4 stars instead of 5 because I notice that sweating is accentuated with this shoe. It almost seems to me that this marvelous technological material of the insole and more generally the whole shoe, do not let the foot breathe.

It could be just my problem, so I just take off one star.

The high quality of the materials in every smallest detail makes this product for value for money something to be taken absolutely on the fly; from the sole and internal padding to the laces and plantar support (in soft foam).

If by any chance you have the taboo of taking walking shoes without wearing them first … well, the only advice I can give you is to take a half size larger than other brands or one size more in case you have the soul a little wider, as the internal padding reduces the space for the foot itself

PUMA Smash V2 Plantar Fasciitis Walking Shoe Guide

Taking advantage of the exceptional price on the store I took the opportunity to buy 4 pairs of the L version and one of this.

Having bought them previously, I already knew what to expect from these walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. But the store’s competitive price led me to buy them with my eyes closed, saving about 25 euros from the shop price.

My advice on products of this type is always to try them first in the store and then buy them here to avoid returns and waste of time.

The product conforms to the description, indeed I expected a lower quality, it fits well to the extent that I always wear and that of course, I have taken. Rear support a little less than what I am used to, but using them for a few days I must say that I find them very comfortable. For that price, I must say that I am satisfied!

walking shoes purchased because with this model I feel very comfortable with puma, and in fact, I was not wrong. Very comfortable shoes, they fit right, for every day, almost non-existent arch support. If you like them as a model I recommend them. store as always perfect

Well made shoes, and comfortable.

Taken on offer and pay € 22 at this difficult price to find better.

The only negative point concerns the size, I usually wear 44 but these fit a little tight so I recommend you take a half size larger.

Buy on offer not yet put just try. Comfortable memory insole I recommend store shipping always top

Comfortable and soft, as shown in the photos, try on your feet for many hours and no problem.

Very nice walking shoes even if you pay very little. The only advice is to take them a half size more.

How To Choose The Right PUMA Smash V2 Walking Shoes

Beautiful and well-finished shoe, in suede leather, keeps the foot very warm, for this reason, I consider it a shoe for mid-seasons not very suitable for the summer period. Puma forever …

I was sorry that to me its a little tight and always hot 38 … The 39 would have been too big… I took the 43 to my partner and it is wide but cmq we have remedied with the insole

a size is correct. my son loves this type of model because they are easy to put on and take off. we bought the summer version (leather type) and this winter version in suede. excellent. durable.

The walking shoes are surprisingly comfortable, it fits a little wide but each brand has its measurements and for this reason, the shoes should always be bought in the store only after trying them on. But then again, very comfortable and very well made shoe, I’m happy with the purchase !!

These shoes are very comfortable, I have been using them for a long time. They have good resistance and also protect the foot very well. The arch support is adequate as well as the width at the tip. Advice!

Excellent suede shoes, comfortable and keep your feet warm. I also tried them on the snow, the foot is insulated from the cold (with suitable socks) but during the walk, the foot is not very stable going down and up snow-covered pavements.

What Do People Say About PUMA Smash V2 Walking Shoes?

perfect walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, the right size, respect the description written by the seller, they are very comfortable for me as I spend a lot of my day on my feet.

The only flaw: the package arrived a little damaged, which is why I attribute 4 stars.

My third pair of Puma Smash, this time dark gray.

What can I say, beautiful and very comfortable to wear every day, perfect size?

The eye that the color is not black, they pull slightly to blue.

Buy for my boyfriend using a store flash offer (pay € 38), they are very comfortable and really beautiful. Inside there is the “soft foam” sole that provides excellent support to the foot. A great buy!

Perfectly comfortable walking shoes identical to the photo. Very comfortable for long walks and the number is the right one as a comfort model.

Good price and good material quality. I will buy more soon.

Why Should I Buy PUMA Smash V2 Plantar Fasciitis Walking Shoes

The walking shoes for plantar fasciitis conform perfectly to the description in the store showcase. Also, they have the insole with the “Softfoam” system in soft material, which I honestly did not expect. Very convenient and comfortable. Recommended!

store shipment arrived on schedule as always. Well packed and original product. The quality of the material is very good, and after using the shoes for about a month, I can say that they are very comfortable even when walking a lot. At this price, recommended.

Comfortable, it seems not to have them. Foam sole to be comfortable, 3 I wear them about 12 hours for work. The foot does not ooze and do not suffer from moisture

Excellent pair of shoes, the size (in this case 43) reflects the standard size (perhaps just slightly larger).

Taken on the offer at 20 €, I would say not bad.

Purchase during black Friday at the sale price Very nice, but during the first uses, they proved a bit uncomfortable, not so much for the extraordinary insole, but the back. I hope that after some use the comfort improves.

My son loves them and abuses them at the same time. I’m still at his feet. They are no longer as bright as the first day but they hold up well

Arrive one day early. However, they sent me an insole that was a little too high and I was forced to insert one of my old pairs otherwise I would have found my shoes tight.

I bought them less than a month ago, they are fine, they are comfortable and soft.

the material is great, the suede material worries a little when it rains, but it slips off right away.

great buy and the price makes the difference

The product arrived yesterday. Excellent quality, on-time delivery. The measurements are reliable, they fit perfectly and the shoe itself is comfortable. Recommended.


The product arrived in its original packaging. The walking shoes are very comfortable and fit normally. I recommend also considering the price.

The product looks like in the photo. Good workmanship and excellent value for money. They fit slightly abundant. I would recommend ordering a half size smaller than what you normally fit.

Fast shipping, excellent quality walking shoes at a very good price. The only thing I didn’t expect is the very long strings, but that’s just my opinion. In short, I recommend the product.

Excellent comfortable and resistant shoes, useful for the winter because they are quite padded, the package arrived in perfect condition and without wear.

I didn’t expect it, luckily I didn’t have to ask for a return because they fit perfectly. Excellent value for money, I highly recommend them

Economic but comfortable product the shoe is very beautiful aesthetically low up to the ankle I recommend it for those who want a simple economic product but to combine with everything