After more than a year from the purchase, I decided to review this pair of PUMA Tazon 6 FM, Men’s Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis… better late than never

Having read in various reviews that they could fit a little tight, I decided to buy them by inserting at the time of ordering one size more than what I normally fit. On delivery I have to be honest I was scared by the size of the box that contained them, thinking I had “messed” with the measure. I try them on immediately and, with amazement, I check that the shoe fits perfectly !!! Comfortable thanks to the inner sole and light at the same time. Aesthetically very beautiful with excellent fabrics and finishes. Puma in this respect is always a guarantee. I also wore them in winter but they express their best in spring/summer. I did not experience excessive foot sweating while using them. Recommended for the excellent quality/price ratio. If this review of mine was helpful to you, please leave me a positive rating below. Hello everybody.


  • I recommend they also considering the very low price compared to the quality of the product.
  • The product arrived in its original box, perfectly packed in its papers and excellent condition. You could see that the box had never been opened and the running shoes never tried on. The materials are of quality and the shoe is excellently finished. I was fully satisfied with the purchase. I recommend the purchase.
  • The design is well done, easy to match, and very comfortable shoes for all activities, even the sole has an excellent grip even on smooth surfaces.
  • The fit is normal while the build quality and finishes are excellent.
  • The beautiful shoe even more beautiful as seen in the photo. Very comfortable and elegant, they will not fail to notice it on your foot. I got it for the gym but maybe it’s also a bit wasted because it goes great as an everyday shoe. It is very comfortable with the Memory footbed almost not felt on the foot. I always take an extra number of Puma and they are perfect.
  • These running shoes are very beautiful and above all very comfortable, thanks also to the removable soft foam insole.
  • I bought the number 43 which corresponds to 28cm. and they are perfect.

PUMA Tazon 6 FM, Men’s Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

If such running shoes for plantar fasciitis are sold for less than € 50 not because they are less good than the top brands sold at three times the price … but because the value of € 50 is already at least three times the cost to produce them. And if you put us that they are well made, comfortable they do not cause any discomfort even for whole days … it means that we are dealing with really excellent products for value for money! Go easy, take them while there are these prices!

There is little to say, these Puma running shoes are perfect. Very beautiful, very neat, and very comfortable thanks to an insole in special PUMA material that takes the shape of the foot (a sort of very compact memory foam). The thing that surprised me the most is the air conditioning which is fairly warm in the winter and not excessively hot in the spring. For mid-season they are ok, we will see in the summer combined with nice white shorts. I wear 40.5 and the fit fits perfectly with a not too thick terry sock.

I always keep them easily and easily cleaned with a damp microfiber such as those from store

I purchased these shoes for my partner who is an absolute fan of all things Puma. He finds them comfortable, very beautiful, and above all easy to “maintain”. The material with which they are made allows them to be easily cleaned with a simple damp cloth, without having to wash them. He uses them all day at work and arrives in the evening without any kind of pain. I would re-evaluate the purchase if you wanted a couple more.

The pumas as per tradition fit beautifully, but these exceed expectations.

I’ve always bought them 1/2 size bigger because they always fit a bit tighter.

They’re fantastic.

Are fine.

They cost very little.

Also, the sole adapts to the foot and favors the adaptation of the fit.

The only drawback is the part of the shoe that touches the ankle is hard and bothersome the first time you use it, but it softens quickly and the next day you don’t notice you have them on your feet.

I, therefore, recommend not wearing them for a walk on the first day.

I state that Prime is always Prime, that is, very reliable. The running shoes are (for the price I paid for them) a very valid product, plus I’m a fan of Puma. My size is a 46, or 29 cm of the foot, so the 46 fits perfectly. For those with a wide plant, like my brother, the first 6/8 days are a little uncomfortable, but then the shoe gives a little and becomes perfect. Remember that they are low-mid-range shoes, do not pretend to play sports with these, otherwise, they will quickly deteriorate, or worse still break. They are great for everyday use, going to work, a walk, a day trip, etc. but no more than that.

PUMA Tazon 6 FM, Men’s Running Shoes Guide

I bought these running shoes for plantar fasciitis and I want to share with you my personal experience which was very positive as everything written in the product description is true the package was delivered well in advance given my positive experience is a purchase that I can recommend beautiful and comfortable purchase promoted

Always extremely valid product, packaged in a more than adequate way, always respecting Puma standards, both on the quality of the finishes and the quality of the materials used. The soft foam inside as an insole is very interesting. The only small flaw is that since I have a wide sole, the 40.5 is slightly tight this time, surely as the days go by the shoe will adapt … the first time that happens to me with a rotten Puma shoe. Extremely recommended.

The running shoes are great !!

Nice and comfortable, even if not as comfortable as a running shoe, but they are of excellent workmanship and style.

I highly recommend them, they fit well. I took a 42 and they go great

Shoes taken at about € 35, comfortable with a removable memory foam insole, worn for a few hours do not bother but I don’t know if they are suitable for running given the fairly flat sole and slippery in the wet. Excellent materials and stitching, they are truly elegant and attention to detail. Certainly more winter than summer. I got a 46 and it is quite comfortable maybe it tightens a bit on the end of the foot but having flat feet could be that. Anyway recommended.

I usually wear the number 43, with these I had to switch to 44 because despite being very comfortable they have a narrow tip.

They have a “Softfoam” insole which is very soft and gives a really interesting comfortable effect.

Unfortunately for those like me who need wide-fitting running shoes, these are not good, the shoe is tight at the tip and risks hurting the foot after hours.

Aesthetically I liked it a lot, the best sports style and the best materials.

It has various bearings that make it high quality and economically competitive given the price.

How To Choose The Right Running Shoes

Puma running shoes

Beautiful aesthetically.

Very comfortable thanks to the soft foam + system which makes them soft at the base of the insole.


Beautiful finishes and details in silver.

Quite cool even in very hot periods.

Excellent materials.

They fit the right one, I wear 43 in size and the 43 that arrived is perfect.

What more do you want from a shoe?

Puma a guarantee.

Highly recommended.

Comfortable shoe with a soft foam system which is nothing more than a sole with soft material (gel type) that makes it comfortable. Suitable for every day and for walking around the city. The perfect black color for me who also use the bike and often dirty the shoes with the rubber gear. Aesthetically it may seem too plasticky but having an opaque material you don’t notice much. It almost looks like synthetic leather. For the price it has, it is excellent and then the black looks good on everything. The foot does not even sweat as much as it has vents on the toe and sides.

Comfortable shoes for everyday use. They cushion discreetly due to the Foam sole.

Furthermore, using them in winter I would say that they are also fairly waterproof.

I don’t recommend them for running but for daily use, they go very well.

As for the size, I took my usual one and they fit well.

What Do People Say About Running Shoes?

I am looking for a pair of comfortable and possibly cheap running shoes with which to spend most of the day.

I did not want something too sporty or too “serious” and I would say that this model of shoe is the optimal solution.

It arrives one day late (patience) but arrives with all the original box wrapped and intact.

The shoes are really beautiful and very comfortable, also the chosen number fits perfectly !!

I am really satisfied !!

The comfortable shoe also for walks in the woods, soft insole that adapts to the foot. The right weight and proper texture, make your foot and ankle feel safe. Excellent aesthetics; Buy at a very advantageous price.

I had already bought the Puma of a lighter model, very satisfied with both experiences. Highly recommended.

I’ve bought them for over a year now and they always keep that initial charm. I like them to death and they are comfortable.

If I have to find a flaw it is that they can get dirty easily, but just be a little careful and the problem is solved.

A more than recommended purchase if you like the kind of shoe.

Why Should I Buy PUMA Tazon 6 FM, Men’s Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoes

The running shoes for plantar fasciitis were bought for my son. He now wears the 39 / 39.5 and I took 40 of these. I must admit that they are beautifully worn and also look well made so at the moment after about a month of use he is fully satisfied with them and they are still perfect. The right quality/price ratio I would say.

Parcel arrived early, well-protected.

The shoes are really beautiful and the foot is a glove.

I wear 42.5 for trekking shoes like Salomon or Asics while I wear 42 for example for Nike walking shoes.

In this case, the 42.5 is a glove for me, soft, comfortable, and really beautiful.


I initially bought them in the white version and I also got the black. Excellent, comfortable running shoes, with soft memory sole that cushions and feels pleasant under the foot. I like the design, the feeling, both walking and running, is of a shoe that wraps the footwell and supports it. I am satisfied with my purchase, especially having spent just over € 50.

Beautiful, well made and comfortable, within the limits of a garment that wants to be “technical”, it is not a slipper, it is a shoe, wraps the foot and tries to support it, the Memory insole is comfortable, to be used every day. spectacular, obviously not for running, for walks in the city. Do not buy them if you have a wide plant, at the selling price they are a bargain, qualitatively superior to many competitor shoes sold at three times as much, we always talk about urban fashion, not sport. Nice and comfortable, I would buy them back.

I have been using these shoes for several weeks now and I am really happy with the purchase. Apart from the aesthetic element (they have a line that I like very much and makes them more streamlined than they are), they have a memory insole that perfectly absorbs the pressure on the foot and allows me to support my not very lightweight with the comfort of very high level. I use them mainly for quick walks and “sporty” outings and they reduce tiredness at the end of the day. At the price paid they were a bargain and I recommend them. Punctual store service.

Beautiful shoe. Arrived in two days. Taken with an extra measure. It fits perfectly. The memory foam insole is very comfortable.

It deserves 4 stars because it shows imperfections and the material is very rigid (plasticky €

And I don’t return them because I think they are all like this.


I bought these running shoes for plantar fasciitis because they impressed me aesthetically by the photos I ordered them immediately especially because being branded puma I knew that in addition to having a nice shoe it would last me over time, the only drawback that I ordered them with European size 42 and it fits me like mine old Nike 43 for the rest I have had them for more than 3 months and I can not find fault if not the fact that they get dirty easily because they are white.

Delivery took place on the appointed day. The shoes are very beautiful as I expected. The number chosen is perfect. Don’t be scared if the first day you wear them they seem a little tight because from the second they fit perfectly. Puma confirms itself as an excellent brand. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended.

It is not the first time I use puma running shoes, they are always very comfortable but once worn they are like a glove, even for me who has a wide and high plant, they are very comfortable from the first minutes without any need for running in, visually they are much more beautiful life than in photos.