good SALOMON Speedcross 4, Men’s Trail Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, maybe a little warm, at the moment I haven’t been able to try it for running yet, in case I will update my review. Initially, they are a bit narrow but give way immediately. The closure is practical and unlike the Salomon RX Slide 3.0, Men’s Hiking Boots, Black (Black / Black / Hawaiian Surf 000), 41 1/3 EU well support the whole foot without any sagging. Always remember to take at least one more size. I wear a 39/40 and took a 41 1/3 just like I did with their mules. I still don’t understand why they don’t respect international measures, they would make life easier for many people.


  • Beautiful, practical, comfortable. I took them to do dynamic shooting so they must be comfortable but also consistent at the right point so as not to transmit the roughness of the terrain too much. Compared to Speed ​​Cross 4 they are a bit stiffer and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Very satisfied.
  • Fast shipping and product as described. With the measure, I had no particular problems.
  • I already had a couple more and have found myself well, I didn’t hesitate to order another one to keep in stock.
  • The shoe is comfortable, durable, and beautiful to look at.
  • The real flaw is that they are running shoes for running in mud. I got them anyway for the great price, thinking that the nature of the sole was not a problem. But then in person, in addition to being narrow, they also have a sole that is too knobby and aggressive for normal use. I don’t understand why it’s one of the best-selling models, I don’t think they’re all mud runners here. In my opinion, they are not suitable for hard soils.
  • These running shoes are specific for trail running and that’s why I bought them. They are probably the best running shoes for dirt roads I have ever used, the sole adequately distances the foot from the ground, protects it from any irregularity that can cause discomfort/pain during the run such as stones of a certain size.

SALOMON Speedcross 4, Men’s Trail Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Well-built running shoes, they give different sensations than most running shoes for plantar fasciitis, but this does not mean they are not comfortable, indeed they

are used in everyday life with great ease! I have read absurd things like the feeling of being on stilts or that they are very slippery, they make you blisters, and so on. They are slippery if you go on a completely smooth dry floor with wet soles, after a few steps they dry out and you no longer slip.

They wear visibly if used daily to get around, but it is normal since they are designed to run on dirt, mud, and meadows, where they give their best: they have grip, cushion and at the same time make you feel all the roughness of the ground, the ordinary paths on the asphalt can be reinvented by passing through the meadows, this is their true value!

They are very containing due to their rural vocation, new ones just worn should NOT be used to run ten km. A “running-in” period is needed before using them for running, avoiding blisters.

The fourth edition of this iconic trail running shoe does not disappoint.

It guarantees an ideal grip on (almost) any terrain, giving its best on smooth rocks, mud (without exaggerating, however), undergrowth, grass, and humid soils in general.

With a weight of about 310gr, they are not confirmed as the lightest on the market.

Excellent snug fit that with the Sensfit system gives the sensation of having the foot in a perfectly adherent glove.

The Speedcross 4 do not have real laces, they are mostly strings to be pulled with a simple gesture and then stored in the special pocket housed in the tongue of the shoe.

The Ortholite insole always keeps the foot cool and dry, always remaining in its perfect position in the shoe even after intense downhill runs.

EVA midsole to cushion the strides satisfactorily.

Unfortunately, however, due to the shape of the shoe, the downhill heel is not very easy if it is not accompanied by support in combination with the metatarsal and forefoot.

The tread pattern of the sole, if used improperly on too hard ground or asphalt, wears out quickly, and in the muddy ground where it dominates, unfortunately, it tends to accumulate mud.

Also available in very eye-catching colors.


-Calzada enveloping

-Grip the soft ground

closing -System

-Ortholite insole


-Mud accumulation in the

knobs -Slightly hard cushioning on the heel

-Not the lightest on the market

For several years now I have been buying this model of shoe to be used in everyday life but above all for trekking in the mountains.

Unlike other Salomon models, this shoe (oriented towards trail running) has a narrower sole and wraps the foot a lot so initially, it can be tight or uncomfortable, but trust me it’s just a matter of getting used to it and then you won’t be able to do without it.

When hiking the foot stays still and the grip is fantastic in both dry and wet conditions.

Excellent materials and the Salomon lacing system.

I don’t give 5 stars just because in the various speedcross models I have had (from 2 to 4) I have always noticed the same defect, namely that the cleats of the sole wear out quite quickly.

SALOMON Speedcross 4 Plantar Fasciitis Running shoe Guide

I already had the Speedcross 2 and the 4 confirms the excellent quality of the shoe in every component. Very comfortable and built with quality materials. I use it for hiking in the mountains but it is great for walking or even running on any terrain. Just watch the number. I have a 45 / 45.5 (29.5cm) but the shoe purchased is 46 and 2/3. This is a bit of the proportion. I went without fail having already had the previous model.

Last note: this shoe IS NOT in Goretex. There are many Salomon models in Goretex but this one is not and I also add that Goretex, despite being an excellent material as it is water repellent, gives the shoe greater rigidity and an internal temperature that is inadvisable in the hot months. So be careful not to run after trends, Goretex is fine but not always!

I write this review after reading many and maybe, to clarify the article in question.

First of all, the shoe arrives in the original SALOMON box, so I feel comfortable saying that the product is original! It is not the Goretex version, but, in my case, I preferred to save a few euros since I see the version in GTX for more “limit” situations compared to the use I make of it. Speaking of use, I use them for walks in the mountains on “tourist” trails, therefore not extreme; in this case, I have much preferred them to the typical boots which, in many cases, are too stiff for “light” trekking. Salomons are worn and it seems they have always been glued to the feet! They are very breathable (I use them only in summer) and above all, on the descents, they do not “kill” the big toes without however affecting the grip on the ground.

It is almost obligatory to buy an extra size; I fit a 43 for all “daily” running shoes for plantar fasciitis, so I bought a 44 following the advice read on the reviews and they are perfect! I would recommend them to those with a narrow plant, perhaps less so for those with a large plant.

Having said that, I would buy them back!

Buy at a discount at about 80 euros despite all the comments that said that the running shoes were fake and even badly made but I honestly do not understand under what criteria these considerations are given because comparing them with a pair of an identical friend of mine bought in the store they did not present any kind of difference or defect and in the field, I’m a bomb !! Will I have been lucky? I don’t know but mine is perfect and original with the difference that I saved about 40 euros compared to a physical store!

How To Choose The Right SALOMON Speedcross 4 Running Shoes

So ……. I bought them as a pure ignorant following the mass of buyers or all crazy for Salomon ……. What can I say: exceptional shoes! Going to the mountains with these means walking (I don’t run) comfortably uphill without suffering the weight of the boots. Quality materials, non-Vibram sole but still you don’t feel the stones and it seems to hold up even the most daring mule tracks! Eye downhill ……. Not being high, the ankle is more stressed and it is easy to get hurt. Now you see me in the descent I go down slowly I’m not a chamois !!! So for me it is my little experience limited to trekking I can only say that they are excellent running shoes but be careful … they are sturdy but do not get along with the stones or it is easy to cut them on the side … Good walk everyone! Ps, I did not blister, calluses, etc ….. They are well designed the foot is comfortable! I can only congratulate those who designed them !!!!

Exceptional running shoes for plantar fasciitis tested today with 3 hours of walking on the wet ground mixed gravel and earth extra comfortable springing effect …. the foot does not get tired and perspires and feels warm .. does not pass a lot of moisture from the outside …

There are two models in I trade one in Goretex that is, it does not penetrate the water model with GTX writing and another normal … So let’s not say nonsense that is not original for this…

Anyway, exceptional shoes are just to wear and try them to believe…

I will also buy those in Goretex…

The grip is fantastic both uphill and downhill thanks to the design of the upper, with excellent grip even in the wet.

The thing that I find most comfortable, however, I think is the closing speed of the shoe with the Salomon system used in this shoe, no knots should be made of any kind, the running shoes will never come untied during the run and the bows of the knots will not bother in no way.

In addition to running, I also use them in the gym and they are perfect even if they are not practiced competitively; good for road racing if you don’t run too much.

About a year after the purchase they show no “serious” signs of wear, as you can see from the photos, so even in terms of durability, they are difficult to overcome.

Highly recommended.

What Do People Say About SALOMON Speedcross 4 Running Shoes?

When you try the Salomon Speedcross GTX 4 you realize that you would never want to wear other running shoes!

We go out on weekends to take long walks on the plains and in the mountains. It also happens that we wear them to go around the city (it would be better to avoid it because the asphalt wears the tires quickly).

This version is waterproof with also Goretex label on the side of the shoe.

The only drawback, if you make a mixed-use (even in the city) the asphalt eats the sole. After all, the shoe is designed for outdoor use, and can be easily resolved with Vibram soles (which if well applied are even better) for about 30 euros.

The making of these Salomons is excellent.

The finishes, the technical characteristics, the fit, etc.

But they have two flaws: they

fit very tightly: I have very thin feet, but despite this, they compress the little toes quite a bit. I have other Salomons, and I know that even the reinforced plastic fabric gives way over time, so it might not be a problem.

So between the tight fit and the characteristics of the sole I preferred to return them. Excellent store as always.

But as for the shoe itself, if you want to use it on soft ground, meadows, runs, walks, earthy dirt roads … if it fits you right (there is also a Wide version), it is an exceptional product. Excellent foot support, soft but robust fit, protection of sensitive parts … nothing to say.

Very comfortable shoes or running shoes with excellent grip. The measure is 95% respected, based on my fit. I will use them for dynamic policy shooting, to have more grip on uneven terrain, outdoors. They have a very soft rubber, which however wears quickly when used on asphalt or other terrains that wear quickly. After a few hours of use, I had almost forgotten that I had put on new shoes. And I have the problem of the high mount, so for those who don’t have this problem, they will be even more comfortable. The studs in the front are generous and guarantee a good grip in all circumstances. The system to hide the laces under the tongue is also very comfortable, and the comfort of the system to tighten the laces is also fantastic.

It is the second pair of Speedcross 4s that I take. Always a guarantee. I did the Via Degli Dei / Santiago on mixed terrain and I had a great time. They are not those in Goretex, but better in the summer the foot does not cook and even with light rain, the foot remained dry. Unfortunately, they wear out long after that if you walk on concrete with a 10kg backpack for many km, but the others lasted a 1200-1500 km in about a year. I have the 42.5 and I always take the 43 1/3 (for trekking the foot swells or sometimes you want to put additional gel insoles – I have those from plantar fasciitis inside).

When they are on sale it is always worth taking them.

Don’t walk too much on concrete

Why Should I Buy SALOMON Speedcross 4 Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoes

As always for me, I use the best shoe every day for unparalleled comfort and the practicality of the lace closure system makes it the best shoe I have had. This is the 5 pair that I take and if I have to be honest they are also durable over time the rubber studs of the sole wear out despite the inappropriate use (only asphalt) but, normally, it is not the field that was designed.

The best for walking off the asphalt is my fourth Salomon (two more in contemporary use). resistant comfortable functional, fashionable, practical without strings, wrap the foot, and has an excellent grip on soft or uneven ground. We use it for cross-country running and mountain excursions up to 1800 meters, paths, meadows, some scree. Highly recommended to everyone, fantastic product. I recommend a number more than normal.

I have always spoken well of the Salomons in general but I was hesitant, especially on the closure, having no laces, and presenting the kevlar cord, I must say that I have changed my mind, it holds all right and you immediately have the feeling of comfort, the same feeling that you have after a medium-range walk, try even for small runs they have never disappointed me, I can only recommend them. The size is that of international standards so it is not difficult to find the correct number. store service then always impeccable.

Initially, I was undecided whether or not to buy these running shoes for plantar fasciitis, as I had never ready some Salomons, but I must say that once they have been worn for a few days, I am fully satisfied with the purchase. They are excellently made, and the materials are the first choice. The sole deserves a special note: the grip is remarkable on every surface; on the asphalt uphill they are harpoons on the ground, even in the presence of gravel. I recommend one size more than the usual number.

Before buying them, check the size well, as a rule, I am 43, these I had to take 45 and 1/3. Another thing, maybe they are a bit “hot” for the summer

In my opinion, they are excellent running shoes, comfortable even if they fit tight, I have 45 but of these shoes, I take the 46, they are light and comfortable, I always wear them, the thing I like most is that I do not have to tie the laces, Salomon is a guarantee, for intense sporting activities I can not give judgment, the price I would say that at 74 euros it is difficult to find better, store service impeccable as always.

What to say? is the third pair I buy !!! To me, they fit like a glove! Excellent on dirt roads with an incredible grip and a sufficiently rigid upper to help maintain balance but also soft so as not to lose the feeling with the ground!

The only downside is the durability of the lugs under the sole which wear out quite quickly!

since the women’s model, not mine arrived in time for departure I ventured to purchase the men’s version and I found myself very well, perhaps even better since, having (perhaps) the plant a little wider, I bought only half number more (I wear a generous 40, I took a 40 2/3) and it fits perfectly both in width (especially after a few walks it “loosens”) and in length. Very comfortable, light, and with good grip even for walking uphill and downhill on gravel and wet ground

I purchased this product for specific use: trail running. In reality, it is mixed-use, in a path that from asphalt becomes earth and then sand. The result is surprising, both for how the shoe fits, both for the extra momentum and by increasing the grip on different types of terrain. I improved performance (slightly) and joint recovery is faster and pain-free (so much difference!).

I also recommend it just for trekking or walking because they are comfortable and resistant like no shoe. I still have to try them in the rain, but they are the best buy of this kind for me right now


Nothing to say, it perfectly reflects the characteristics listed by the manufacturer.

I tested them while traveling (about 200km of walking without problems) and hunting (I can assure you that I don’t go to comfortable places) without the slightest worry.

They are not boots so they have their limits but they still defend themselves very well.

Highly recommended for trekking, hunting on the go, and camping.

Very comfortable even for those on vacation and want a comfortable but multifunctional shoe.

I waited three weeks to review my Salomon 49 1/3 before I wanted to test them well as you can see in the picture!

I have already covered more than 100 km all on mountain trails, yesterday I did a 26 km sky race and I can assure you that the running shoes are the top!

As you can see in the photos the running shoes are original in all the smallest details, I was able to compare them with those in the shop and they are identical!

The first few exits have to adapt to the foot a little and it takes a bit of patience, then it seems to wear a cross glove, you can get on and off everywhere!

They arrived in 4 days in the Salomon box.

The only drawback is the fact that they are not in Goretex and the water tends to enter, for the rest they are a fairy tale!