I find these Saucony Jazz Original, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis very comfortable, I have also bought other models of this brand and have always felt very comfortable. They dress well, I recommend taking your number, the colors are faithful to the photo of the ad, the price paid is lower than that of physical stores, with store guarantee on the originality of the product.


  • Very comfortable and very resistant walking shoes. They are certainly not suitable for rainy days given the fairly thin fabric (I recommend thicker socks if you want to wear them in winter). I didn’t have very high expectations on the brand but I changed my mind.
  • Beautiful shoe. It was my first Saucony, and I have to say that I have a great time. Comfortable, sporty, light, it feels like walking on velvet as it is soft. It fits right at the beginning, of course, being new it tightens a little, but after taking the shape of the foot …. you fly I highly recommend this purchase and this dealer
  • the quality is there, the shoe is comfortable, but since so many love them mine I was due a little more, I had to take the number a little bigger otherwise I would point my thumb and it bothered me
  • Beautiful, comfortable, and light, but in my case, I had to buy a number more than usual and despite this, they dress very right.
  • Very comfortable. I would make the purchase again. Fast delivery. The size corresponds to perfection. The materials are valid and the sole turns out to be very resistant. Weight 80 kg and does not deform.
  • I liked this color and I couldn’t find it around, got it at a good price. Compared to normal walking shoes it takes a number more, I usually have 40 for normal shoes these need 41 as many other tennis shoes of famous brands fit little.

Saucony Jazz Original, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

I was skeptical to buy them on store, but since they were nowhere to be found at that price (73) I decided to give it a try. I ordered them on the 14th and they arrived on the 17th, prompt and fast shipping. The walking shoes for plantar fasciitis look good and have no signs of wear or defects except for the blue color of the nylon insert is darker than normal. The thing that disturbs me, however, is the fact that the rubber of the sole on the tip of the right shoe is shorter than that of the left (attached photo). Nothing defect, even if I don’t know how much it can affect walking. However, I feel satisfied.

Note for buyers: If you are planning to purchase a non-EU size, please be aware that those indicated are US sizes.

I bought a size 10 in the first order, mistakenly thinking it was a 10 UK, as it is not specified further in the drop-down options, and in the link on the side I understood, always erroneously, that the size that would have been authentic would be was the UK: instead, I receive a US size 10, corresponding to a UK 9.

Dear, very efficient and very punctual the seller, whom I named in the title, who allowed me to change the size to definitively have a 10 UK, or 11 USA, (at no additional cost) and with very fast shipping times.

I’ll go straight to the point. It took size and a half larger than my number. There was no color chosen (green) and I was contacted by the seller who took care to send me photos of other models and colors. He also gave me the alternative of returning the money, but I opted for an alternative color. Punctual delivery. Having said that, the Saucony is a safety and I recommend them because they are light and allow a graceful walk.

Fantastic walking shoes in classic Saucony style, now a certainty in terms of comfort and aesthetic appearance.

The only strange flaw that I have always worn the 42.5 but this model perhaps fits just less and therefore they are cramped …

The seller together with store is excellent and very serious, the shoes arrived perfectly packed in their box and are ORIGINAL!

I hope I will be able to replace them with a slightly larger number. However a nice product!

Great I’ll be doing orders on two more pairs again. Too bad there are not all the numbers of the chosen colors. Advantageous price, there are no additional costs. Color and shoes faithful to the image, like seeing them in the store. As a port number between 39 and 40. I bought a couple earlier in the 40.5 stores and based on that. I have to say slightly wide at the tip but very wearable. My order arrived in two days. I recommend the company. After careful research, I believe it is the most competitive.

The shoe is absolutely original and very comfortable; is the third pair of Jazz that I buy.

The only remark concerns the sizes. I had two Saucony Jazz made China of the same number and they fit very comfortably, these here are made in Vietnam and while reporting the same number they are a bit narrower.

I recommend taking a half size larger than you usually have for the same Saucony shoe.

I ordered Saucony men’s shoes gray/white model, they arrived 3 days earlier than expected, (order Saturday, arrive next Tuesday). The shoes arrived inside their box, which was inside another box. The walking shoes are very nice and comfortable. nothing to report. The seller Recommended it!

I got them here to save, on-time shipping according to schedule, no flaws. The color is cute, better than in photos, where it can appear dull. They are warm, comfortable, and soft, really exceptional shoes, that is, I recommend them.

Very comfortable walking shoes similar to a sneaker fit, in fact even the number is greater than traditional shoes (I wear 43 and I got a 44.5) and of a beautiful blue color much more intense than the image, (for this I put 4 stars as I imagined them lighter and I’m afraid they will fade over time, but this is worth seeing!). Nothing to add. I am curious to evaluate the durability as it is the first pair I buy. Flawless and fast delivery.

The walking shoes are as I expected them, beautiful and comfortable, and of quality, compared to the shop the savings here were excellent, I also recommend an extra size as I did, thanks to the Tirabassi shop seller, kind and friendly …

Ordered on 07/25/19, received on 07/26/19 Compliant, original product, branded with serial codes for traceability, all as proposed by the seller. The size purchased is a 42, received with laces as shown in the photo, and with 2 others in different colors as an option, it is a bit tight as a fit .. but I prefer it that way. The Saucony needs to buy a half size more or the next one even if the material being soft gives way. , both from the excellence of the seller.

The sizes are a bit ‘smaller’ than the standard I expected. This is the second pair I bought with this problem. In the future, I will buy a higher number than other brands. I solved it by removing the insole. The shoes are of good quality.

Beautiful pair of walking shoes that fit perfectly and fit the right size always worn.

Excellent seller, very helpful, who quickly resolved a misunderstanding on the number sent incorrectly the first time.

I recommend the purchase to those looking for a pair of youthful shoes, well made and that fit perfectly without spending too much

Saucony is comfortable and light you carry them without major problems. I have a very wide instep and I must say that leaving the sole with comfortable laces is a great buy.

Delivery was quick and timely.

The product corresponds to the photos and descriptions but I doubt the authenticity because the walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are less comfortable than others of the same model I have: perhaps because they are new and must “soften”.

Anyway, nothing to complain about the service.

They are very cool ….. Perfect color for summer worn with blue trousers and jacket are the TOP, much better Than the expectations I had when ordering.

Comfortable and fashionable, color is its strong point … highly recommended!

Cheaper than the shop and very nice and comfortable even if I found them a tad bit narrower than other identical ones bought previously.

The product is of quality and with an excellent quality/price ratio. However, the staff is really friendly and customer satisfaction oriented. This is a reason to buy again.

Once you find out your number with Saucony, play it safe. You just have to choose the color from the thousands of combinations available. Excellent comfortable and light shoes.

very comfortable walking shoes for every day, I would recommend running shoes for long walks because honestly after 15 km on foot I felt stiff in the heel but I repeat for normal and daily use highly recommended

Excellent product delivered within the times described. One shoe had a side scratch. After contacting the assistance I was offered the replacement (not contextual to the withdrawal) or the price reduction. I opted for a price reduction of 20 €.

The shoes are very comfortable.

I recommend taking an extra number. Color as per photo.

All good, even if the comparison with another shoe that I already have from the same brand, always in size 43, is different. This is a little tighter. Still fantastic.

Why Should I Buy Saucony Jazz Original, Men’s Sport Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

great shoe super light and excellent in the fabric. if you want some advice, always take a number more than your fit in normal walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. the package arrived the day after the order …. everything ok

At first, I felt them tight in front then they adapted to the foot and took shape and now they are comfortable. I recommend them more in winter and they keep your feet warm

The product is as described. The shop offered impeccable assistance: precise, punctual, and efficient. I will probably buy other colors in the future too. Highly recommended product and dealer.

Excellent comfortable and original walking shoes and matching description arrived on time the only drawback for shipping the box was bothered on the edges and sent like this without putting it in another box

For the rest everything also at a good price

They are very comfortable shoes. The color is really beautiful. By ordering a light blue you are never sure of the hue instead they are just as I wanted them.

I was satisfied with the delivery that took place on time and with the expected methods. As far as walking shoes for plantar fasciitis are concerned, they are an excellent product, they are sneakers therefore a sporting concept, even if they should not be approached globally in the field of gymnastics. The SAUCONY jazz is the classic walking shoes, so they can be worn every day, even if you don’t have to match them with an excessively sporty look.

All perfect. Hassle-free packed and boxed and perfect shoe “storage”.

I fluctuate between 42 and 43, so I followed some advice from the reviews and opted for excess. So took the 43 and fits impeccably.

Thank you

I needed a pair of walking shoes to use in the spring. The choice fell on this model. Excellent price compared to quality. Besides being interesting in shape and color, they are also very comfortable. For now, I am very satisfied with the purchase!