These Timberland Classic 2 Eye, Men’s Boat Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis represent for me a little classic of clothing. I’ve been wearing them for at least thirty years and they are never missing in my wardrobe. On offer for less than 90 euros are a decent deal.

As for footwear, they adapt quickly to the foot and fit perfectly without squeezing or bothering.

They are comfortable, fresh, and virtually indestructible, just remember now and then to clean them with an alcohol-moistened rag and grease them with a thin layer of leather grease and they will remain beautiful for years. Beware that this is a summer model and tends to fit snugly, if you have any doubts and wear them with socks it might be a good idea to focus on the upper half size.

Flawless shipping and packaging, as you would expect from a product sold and shipped by a store.

Punctual delivery according to forecasts. The shoes arrive in a sturdy cardboard box that contains the shoes packed in their original Timberland packaging. No danger of them being damaged during transport.


  • Classic Timberland ‘boat’ model with a timeless style. High level perceived quality, accurate and complete packaging, so as not to doubt the originality of the product. Very good price. Fully satisfied with the purchase. Five stars to the store for the simplicity and speed in replacing the wrong size originally purchased.
  • Comfortable walking shoes for the summer; I have a type of foot that sweats a lot (and also smells a lot) so I always use them with cotton socks. For those with drier feet, the ideal is to wear them without socks; I would like to recommend the purchase
  • The very nice tone of blue. The measure is a bit small compared to the classic 2-eye blue or brown leather. Tip: Buy one more number.
  • These shoes are very soft with a very comfortable soft insole different from the classic ones.
  • You can never go wrong with classic boat timberlands! Ordered at a decidedly advantageous price, they arrived in a couple of days. Even though they are produced in the Dominican Republic, the quality of the leather and the finishing are good. The only thing to be careful of is the size, they fit little. I wear a 43 but I ordered a 43.5 and it feels a bit cramped, I hope the leather yields with use.
  • Original walking shoes of excellent workmanship a Passepartout for every timeless classic sports occasion, they are identical to those bought years ago in the store. I bought my fit and they fit perfectly Excellent

Timberland Classic 2 Eye, Men’s Boat Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Original walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. The color corresponding to the one chosen. No shoe fitting problem. Correspondence between the number brought and the one ordered 41.5. UK 7.5

Flawless shoe bill from Timberland.

To buy with your eyes closed.

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the shoe seems to me to be quite well known and does not need reviews, even if I think it can only be purchased at these prices, paying more at the prices of the stores would seem like a joke. I took 1/2 number more and it seems right. The length is right while the central part of the sole touches a little at the edges, of course, it depends on how you have the foot, I believe that with a minimum sagging they settle well also because the walking shoes are very open and taking them even wider would be a mistake. I would not have so many doubts that I read on the reviews on the small differences that make one doubt the originality of the product, I believe that store cannot afford to sell fake products as original, the small differences come from the different countries of production,

I like this model of shoe because I can wear it with casual clothing but also with more elegant clothing.

they are not rain walking shoes: obviously, water can enter through the seams.

those sent to me are made in China and differ from those already in my possession made in the Dominican Republic for the smaller Timberland logo; on the other hand, I did not notice any differences in the seams and finishes.

I don’t think they are counterfeit: it would be a very serious violation of the law for the seller.

The materials and finish look very good. As far as I can understand, I have no reason to doubt that they are original, however, for the record, they carry the words “Made in the Dominican Republic”. According to some, this would be proof of originality …

We will see the duration. Several years ago I bought this model in a Timberland store and after a short time the sole of both shoes had split crosswise and I had to throw them away because they were irrecoverable. I was very surprised because they weren’t the first I bought.

We hope well.

Nice product, I couldn’t find any boat walking shoes in this color and with quality leather, so I’m satisfied.

The only note is the number, I had to make the return the first time because they dress small, I had to reorder the same number that I wear with the tennis shoe, so for those who have to order them to consider a number more than the “classic” shoe or in any case take the number of the tennis shoe. In the beginning, the leather has to let go a little, but a walk is enough to make them adapt to the foot.

I will update the review if

These are my favorite boating Timberlands. In the shop they are impossible to find, they only have those with two-colored soles and more reddish skin. This is instead the most “neutral”, classic and timeless. I bought a similar pair in London in 2013 and this year, after four years, it was time to replace them. They did great success!

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Purchased on offer and arrived 3 weeks in advance. Perfect, no doubt about it.

Immaculate shoe, of the required color, perfectly packaged.

I normally wear sizes between 40 and 41, depending on the type of shoe. On trust I ordered a 41: it fits perfectly. I started wearing them immediately, with the fear of some initial annoyance: as if I had always had them, comfortable and soft.


The expedition arrived a few days late, understandable considering that it was in the days around August 15th. The shoes arrived in their original packaging in a store plastic bag. The walking shoes are perfect, original, and flawless, like those bought in the store. I usually wear the 40 and bought a 41 at the beginning but I had to replace them with a 40 which suits me perfectly. 22% savings compared to the store price. Satisfied.

Timberland Classic 2 Eye, Men’s Boat Walking Shoes Guide

I share a different experience than many I have read. I wear a 46 by Adidas, a 45.5 by Vans, and a 45-46 by dr. Martens according to the model.

I got the 46 following the advice of those who said that they fit a lot and were huge. I tried the 45 and they were very right, that is comfortable but tight, I was afraid to give the toe the shape of the big toe. So I opted for a 45.5 which was even more comfortable. They barely dance (the shoe does not come out), I hope the leather does not give as much as they say (some have even told me that when they widen they shorten a little). For the rest, wonderful shoes.

Shoes arrived fairly quickly, given the problems due to the coronavirus. Like those from timberland stores, leather that looks quality; with the difference that the half number in the shops is not found, and for me it is as if they were made to measure,

I have known the model since the 80s, already purchased on a store more than 2 years ago. Considering that I use them every day for at least 9 months a year, I would say a very good result, also considering the savings of about 50 euros compared to the shop.

Arrived slightly late compared to the timing, perfect color like the one in traditional stores, already owning a similar model but in brown leather purchased in the store I had no problems with the size, the shoe also seems slightly more “solid” than what I have. I must indicate something less positive is the position of the circular logo on one of the two walking shoes which is slightly displaced … but it is really difficult to notice once they are put on, and especially on the dark brown color. The price paid much less than an identical model in the store, which, among other things, in my city, is never discounted during the sales.

Purchased months ago on offer, now I have worn them and they are fine, I took them an extra number, I usually wear a 42 but these I took a 43 and they are fine, I would say better than a 42 since with 42 of deformation, the quality it shows that it is Timberland.

I recommend the purchase, they are original.

Beautiful white sole that contrasts with the brown upper.

How To Choose The Right Walking Shoes

It’s yet another pair of blue Timberland boat shoes I buy, the previous one I bought two or three years ago from a store. This latter pair seems to me of a bit better quality than the previous one. Contrary to the judgment of other reviewers, this pair is slightly larger than the previous pair of the same size, but the difference is not enough to require a change.

This is the third pair of timberland walking shoes that I buy in this specific model. I use them for years until they are unusable and I take them back.

They don’t need big introductions: in my opinion, they are simply fantastic. They are resistant, do not scratch easily, clean well, and are suitable for any occasion.

The only flaw: wearing only flat shoes for long periods is not good for posture.

These walking shoes for plantar fasciitis have been a must since 1979. When we say boat shoes we pronounce timberland. Excellent leather, perfect fit (do not trust the numbers but only and always the cm if the fit is defined as “regular”).

Gorgeous color. I’m on my third pair and I will never stop buying them. Who said that in the scorching heat you have to give up style?

the package arrived one day early. the shoe looks like I expected it … a few too many wrinkles in the lateral leather without having worn them yet, I don’t know if it is a factory defect or the model. I would prefer the first one, however, since I made the return as the shoe is small in length and the big toe touches annoyingly, I wait to see the new pair of half size larger.

I gave it four stars because I noticed a less accurate finish than my previous store-bought Timberlands. And “early for a final judgment, I hope they last like all the others bought in the store.

What Do People Say About Walking Shoes?

Shoes arrive quickly identical to those of timberland stores, leather that looks quality.

I knew the model since the 80s and even if today’s productions are no longer made in the USA they are aesthetically the same, we will see if the robustness and durability will also be.

Excellent savings of about 50 euros compared to the shop.

5 stars you deserve for these boat shoes bought for the summer at a great price. Very comfortable and light, used for several outings. For those used to a snug shoe, I recommend a size or half size smaller.

As they say in the other comments it is better to take the higher number, as far as the quality of the product is concerned it seems excellent to me, I do not think they are false, I think it is a second choice type from Outlet …

Perfect, well finished, the usual timberland comfort.

Activated in a package perhaps a little too light but the box was not damaged in the least.

Everything ok, super recommended

Timberlands are always a certainty. Soft but at the same time robust leather. The foot does not sweat and is always a fresh shoe. Very nice on the feet. Recommended purchase

Why Should I Buy Timberland Classic 2 Eye, Men’s Boat Plantar Fasciitis Walking Shoes

I had never bought a pair of walking shoes for plantar fasciitis on a store before, and honestly, I was a little awed by the choice of size. I must say, however, that thanks to the store’s size guide system I was able to get the right number on the first try. Fast shipping as usual. The shoes in question need no introduction. They are the classic boat walking shoes with a clear sole that leaves no marks on the fiberglass. Beautiful!

The model that has made history, has come back into vogue in recent years, which has caused the price to rise a little, however on 80 euros they are well taken. Unquestionable quality, impeccable Prima service.

Arrived according to the times; good fit, but I haven’t tried to wear them for a whole day yet; intact product, original box; competitive price, because I took advantage of an offer. I recommend the purchase.

Parcel arrived regularly in the times indicated “store”. The required size, the 40 that I normally buy for any type of shoe, turned out to be very small. I, therefore, had to return the pair of shoes received and reorder a larger size. The 41 is better to fit, however, I had to keep both walking shoes in shape for a few days to soften the sole. Now they are perfect.

There are now several pairs of Timberland that I buy from the store, I must say that I have never had any problems, I bought these for my father but the number 43 is really small and like a comfortable 42, as regards the shoe, nothing to say in my opinion quality, I’ll take it back trying to guess the number.

Re-purchase of a product that is always confirmed as a certainty in terms of solidity and value for money. Useful both in hot and cold seasons, they are from a brand that always confirms positivity to me. Great and recommended purchase


I bought them as a boy, when they were fashionable in the 1980s, and bought them back 40 years later. Exceptional summer leisure walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, to be worn without socks, are not warm despite the rubber sole. Very comfortable from the first fit. Recommended!

A must that for those who love life on the boat, this shoe can not miss, beautiful, comfortable, quality. Top store service. And you pay a lot less than in the official shop.

Impeccable Timberlands, comfortable, and always trendy. Find it at the store at a good price. The fit, in this case, was slightly larger, solved with half a size less, or at most just add an insole to fill a little …