Plantar fasciitis, which is also known as heel pain can be considered as a common health condition that you can find among people out there in the world. Getting right shoes plays a major role behind plantar fasciitis recovery. Hence, you are encouraged to pay special attention to the shoes that you purchase.


What causes heel pain?

Before taking a look at the shoes, which can help you with plantar fasciitis, it is important to understand what causes the health condition. Then you can easily figure out why it is important to go ahead with the shoes that are specifically designed for plantar fasciitis.

Having flat feet is identified as the main reason that leads people towards plantar fasciitis. Having flat feet is a health condition, where the medial arch stretches and collapses plantar fascia. As a result, you will have to experience the pain linked with plantar fasciitis.

Overpronation of feet has also been identified as another reason behind plantar fasciitis. If you have weak and tight calf muscles, there is a high possibility for you to get subjected to plantar fasciitis. In addition, a few other health conditions, such as gout, arthritis and nerve problems can also make you become a victim of this frustrating health condition.

Out of all above-mentioned reasons, wearing incorrect shoes has been identified as the main reason behind most of the plantar fasciitis related cases that people experience in the past. Hence, you should pay special attention to the shoes that you purchase. With that, there is a high possibility to eliminate a lot of hassle and frustration in the long run.


What type of shoe is the excellent?

Most of the adults get into plantar fasciitis because they don’t wear the proper types of shoes. When you wear incorrectly fitting shoes for an extended duration of time, your feet will be subjected to overpronation. This can result in the collapse of the arch. Hence, the shoes that you need to select for plantar fasciitis depends on the degree of overpronation. In addition, you need to take a look at your daily schedule and get to know about the activities that you will be doing on a daily basis. With that, you can get your hands on the excellent pair of shoes, which are designed to cater to your specific requirements.

What type of shoe is best for plantar fasciitis?

If the degree of overpronation is high, then improved pronation control technology is needed in order to get your feet back into the neutral position. Different types of shoes are available for individuals with plantar fasciitis to purchase in that kind of a situation. These shoes are divided into three main categories as mild, moderate and maximum. You can go through them and select the excellent option based on the degree of overpronation.

If you are an athlete, who has maximum overpronation, you should purchase motion control shoes. In addition, the motion control shoes are recommended for the individuals with larger frames as well.

As mentioned earlier, you need to take a look at your activity level and then purchase shoes for plantar fasciitis accordingly. For example, the shoe that a person who sits in an office must purchase differs from the shoe that an athlete should purchase. No matter what activities you do, you need to make sure that the shoes are in a position to provide appropriate assistance to your feet throughout the day. If you purchase the incorrect type of shoe, you will be able to experience an increase in the heel pain. You should never let this happen.

When you are looking for the excellent shoe type for plantar fasciitis, you need to keep in mind that there is no one type, which can fit perfectly well for everyone. That’s because the structure of the foot differs from one person to another. On the other hand, the degree of overpronation and activity level are also different from person to person.

The very first factor you need to take a look at while you purchase shoes for plantar fasciitis is the heel counter. It is the back portion of the shoe, which would wrap your heel bone. This part is in a position to control the pronation of your foot in an efficient manner. You should squeeze it to check the quality and if it is good, you will get a firm feeling. But if it is soft, you will not be able to provide the support needed by your foot with overcoming plantar fasciitis.

The flexibility of the sole is the next factor that you need to look at. Most of the individuals believe that shoes that come along with flexible soles are the excellent. But if you are a person who deals with plantar fasciitis, you need to purchase shoes that offer a firm sole. Then you will be able to take control over the motion of your foot and maintain proper alignment. In addition, you can prevent the stretching of plantar fascia as well.

The plantar fasciitis shoes you purchase should come along with rocker soles and elevated heels as well. It is important for you to check whether the heels are about one inch high. Then you will be able to minimize the pressure that is applied to the heels.

The shoes that come along with closed heels can also provide an excellent support to you with plantar fasciitis. But you should also make sure that they offer an excellent arch support and they come along with midsoles that provide minimum bending.

If you take all these factors into consideration, you can easily locate the excellent type of shoe available for plantar fasciitis. Then you just need to keep on wearing that shoe and you will be able to overcome the health condition in a convenient manner.